Fort Lauderdale 2 – 0 Jacksonville : The Kartik Report Postgame Pod

KartikReport_JAX (2)Soccer fans we’ve launched postgame pods via Rabble for games involving Florida teams.

It’s a work in progress, but this is our first show following last night’s 2-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers win over Jacksonville.

We’ll have a full report on Jacksonville Armada’s first season in coming days here.


  1. Jackson Hewitt · ·

    The graphics kick ass, the show needs work. You are good, your co-host really shaky for about 10-15 minutes then brought his A game. But he needs work.


  2. Great concept. Post-game show! Are you going to do this for OCSC or the Rowdies?


  3. […] club according to published reports. The timing was curious as the Aramda last played on Wednesday against Fort Lauderdale and next play Saturday at home against Tampa Bay. This change could have been made Thursday or […]


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