Tuesday Poll: Florida Democratic Party changes

Do you think the Florida Democratic Party changes, more of which were announced last week are enough to turn around the party’s fortunes for 2016? Vote in our poll after the jump. Please leave comments and constructive thoughts below.


  1. Concerned Democrat · · Reply




  2. Larry Thorson · · Reply

    I give up. What changes were announced? We’re they reported anywhere? Link?


  3. Wanda Francis · · Reply

    What are the changes…have not seen them…or heard about them..,


    1. Changes-

      Ulvert out as Political Director
      Formation of the blue-ribbon LEAD Task Force
      Naming of three former and current elected officials, Andrew Gillum, Cynthia Chestnut and Mike Clelland to the state central committee.
      Soon a Deputy Executive Director will be named.


  4. hancockross · · Reply

    I see the changes as encouraging enough to have refiled to run as a Democrat (2016, HD114).


  5. These “changes” just reinforce the status quo.


  6. OUCH! Like 80% don’t think the FDP is cutting it. I didn’t think it would be that high.


  7. Concerned Democrat · · Reply

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the “Blue Ribbon Committee” appointed by Tant is a self serving joke too and needs to go.

    Look at what the Repiblicans did after all their success in Florida, they weren’t satisfied and cleaned house.

    The Dems of course reward failure and keep the same band of idiots running the hen house!!!

    Any body have a party switch application handy??


  8. Maybe someone should pass along a memo to tell Democrats not to help elected Republicans. From mayor, State Senator to Governor..PBC no matter how much Ms Rizzo wants to do cartwheels..we don’t believe your bullshit. I hope Aronberg throws all those bums in jail especially Shahid


  9. The LEAD committee is gathering information and submitting proposals based on that information. Please contact the members with your proposals.


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