Changes at the Florida Squeeze for 2015

flsqueeze5Our readers have probably noticed changes here the last few weeks. We’ve changed our look to allow for more images and easier browsing for recent articles. We’ve added more non-political content which is Florida-related while we have continued our long-standing analysis of developments in Florida politics and government.

In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more features, more writers and more political perspectives. We will be inviting those who are on the other side of the ledger on issues from where our editors and writers sit to participate in a dialogue here about the future of Florida.

Thank you again to our readers for your patronage and Happy New Year!


  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    The BIGGEST change in the last couple of weeks has been the quality and depth of the articles. 2015 will be a good year for readers if this continues. Happy New Year everyone.

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  2. The new format and better articles have been a hit. Keep them coming.


  3. Happy New Year and thanks for all the great work (not that we always agree!)

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  4. Susan McGrath · ·

    I guess I’m confused. I understand the Florida Squeeze to be a political blog, yet the posts are peppered with sport stories, such as the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and the Orange Bowl.


    1. We’ve decided to add more stories about the state in general to balance the website more.


  5. The drift of this site is worrying. From responsible watchdog you have turned to left-wing hit-man attacking anything corporatist or related to money. Anybody who has a bone of pragmatism gets shelled on this site. Those Democratic legislators trying to make deals to help their constituents because they are mired in reality get called sellouts and shills for the insurance industry.

    Unlike Saint Petersblog and now Florida Politics which is an honest broker type site, you have an agenda. I would recommend people read there instead of here from now on.


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