Progressive Choice reappears in Marriage Equality case

During the spring and summer Progressive Choice Florida caused quite a stir through Democratic Party circles. Speculation was that the organization that dumped tens of thousands of dollars into mail and TV attacking Charlie Crist was simply a well-funded Republican front to try and prop up the failing candidacy of Nan Rich. The other motivation it was assumed by many was to weaken Governor Crist in advance of the General Election.

Interestingly, Progressive Choice has filed an Amicus Brief in support of Marriage Equality. The organization has retained Broad and Cassel as their attorney’s.

The brief is attached below. This revaluation begs the question if Progressive Choice is here to stay despite flopping badly in its poorly coordinated efforts to influence the Governor’s race.

The willingness of Progressive Choice to engage on this issue could buy the organization more credibility if they seek to engage again in Florida politically. It would seem odd that an organization that has no long-term interest in the state now that the Governor’s race is over would engage on this issue and retain the services of one of the state’s top law firms in the process. So in fact we might be hearing more from Progressive Choice in the future.

Progressive Choice AMICUS BRIEF FINAL 12.17.2014


  1. Based on our own contact with them, some of us thought all along that Progressive Choice was an issues-based PAC.


    1. If they really cared about marriage equality, they would have targeted Pam Bondi, not Charlie Crist.

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  2. Truth Teller · ·

    I guess sugar is into marriage equality!


  3. Broward Voter · ·

    This group handed the election to Rick Scott by depressing Dem turnout particularly in minority areas.

    Nothing progressive about them.


  4. Progressive Choice is still a republican front. This is just used to fool people.


  5. Now that the case is we they can go quietely into the night again.


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