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I’m taking a bit of a diversion this morning (US Time) to announce two things professionally. First off, I will be bringing back The Kartik Report  on January 1st. This site was a soccer website focused on Florida events which operated from 2006 until early 2010. I was forced to shut down the site after becoming the NASL’s Director of Communications in December 2009. The site will have a new URL and a new look – timing is perfect with Orlando City joining MLS next year and lots of developments with the other professional teams in the state. Additionally, I will have another professional announcement regarding Florida Soccer and my writing soon.

Secondly, with the Sheldon Campaign over, I am evaluating my relationship with World Soccer Talk and expect to make a decision in the coming week or two regarding a full return to that site. I will continue to contribute to the site and appear on the podcast but having regained the political bug during this cycle (the last election cycle I had worked full time was in 2006)  and given the success of this website and the relationships I have renewed or forged this campaign cycle, I am evaluating my options to return to the world of advocacy and activism. I am also exploring other soccer related options.

How does this impact TFS? Right now it simply means I will have the time to manage our content which has become more robust and long-form since the Election. If I do return to World Soccer Talk in my previous role or take a similar website role elsewhere in the soccer world, content could drop on this site. But for now we have some exciting new plans for this site.

  • Monday Musings will continue weekly
  • Tuesday’s beginning December 2nd we will be featuring a weekly poll regarding an important Florida related topic for the week
  • Wednesday’s we will be bringing back our open thread segments
  • Thursday’s we will be bringing back our Thursday Bookshelves beginning December 4th
  • Friday’s we will be running Flashback Friday s articles once again beginning December 5th

In addition, we have several new features planned such as a look at potential rising stars in the Democratic Party, country parties and important activists and activist groups throughout the state. Katy Burnett and I have been hard at work talking to outside advocacy people and party leaders throughout the state looking for solutions to what ails progressives in this state.

We are happy to announce Ryan Ray’s return to TFS following his successful work on the Gwen Graham for Congress campaign and would also like to mention that Justin Snyder will be starting his own national politics site in partnership with us. We will announce details of this in the near future.

Thanks once again to all our readers for the continued patronage.

We will have an important Florida soccer article on this site in the morning US time, but all of that content will be moved to The Kartik Report once it is up and running again.

Thanks to all!



  1. Tampa Bay Demo · ·

    Justin is over the top and his zeal to make a point and bomb thrower attitude hurts the anti- FDP cause rather than helps it. Kartik though is too soft. I like Katy the best!


  2. concerned demo insider · ·

    Good. The less Justin writes the better. Total scorched earth and uneducated sounding rants.


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