Former Coral Springs Mayor “Democrat” Scott Brook endorses conservative candidates

Former Coral Springs Mayor, Scott Brook whose election in 2006 began to usher in an era of fiscal irresponsibility and political games at City Hall has publicly endorsed conservative Tom Powers for Mayor of Coral Springs and Laurette Homan for City Commission. Both candidates are facing strong opposition in the November election, and Homan has been taken under her wing by the city’s current leadership. Brook supported conservative Vincent Boccard in 2012 for Mayor. Coral Springs is one of the largest cities in the state where the majority of city officials are registered Republicans. This comes despite a hefty Democratic registration and performance advantage in the city.

Skip Campbell, the 2006 Democratic nominee for Attorney General and former State Senator representing most of the city (1996 to 2006) is Power’s opposition. Campbell, a well-connected trial attorney whose public record speaks for itself would bring breadth of seriousness and stature to a city whose government has rapidly turned into a joke.

Coral Springs is a big city with a lot of big city problems, but has recently been governed by a small cadre of reactionaries like Boccard and Powers during the past few years. The prospect of a prominent Mayor, with a statewide network of supporters and contacts like Campbell can help move the city forward once again. But the current commission which has governed the city like a personal fiefdom just a few weeks ago sought to begin a process to prevent the reopening of qualifying again in the future. This came just weeks after the commission pushed personal 60% raises.

For a city that was long lauded for good government and considered a model city for the state, things have certainly changed in Coral Springs. The reactionary leadership that Powers, Boccard and others represent have diminished the standing of the city. November’s election provide a unique opportunity for a major change, with three seats open on the commission.

In the interest of full disclosure I was a paid consultant on Brook’s 2006 Mayoral Campaign and have worked for Campbell on multiple races. 





  1. Scott is a disgrace and is no more a Dem than I am a male.


  2. Are the Coral Springs Democrats competing for those 3 commission seats? If not, why? This is how we build up a “farm team” right?


  3. Paulette · ·

    Scott’s a Democrat? Doubt that anymore. Isn’t he the Mayor that took the free Yacht ride from the Chaits during the airshow while he was on a county board? I think that sunk his bid for State Rep. Arbee, the only democrats in the race are Lou Cimaglia, Skip Campbell and Howard M. That’s it.


  4. voting springs · ·

    The biggest problem the city has is Tom Powers and the hand picked persons he helped place in top city positions. The city, unlike the federal or state government, does not have any type of checks and balances. This allows Tom and his appointed city leaders to practice a subtle type of bigotry in its worst form. One that’s not shouted from the rooftops, but one that affects a certain class of residents that are less valued only because they are not well connected with Tom Powers or his anointed and appointed city personnel. The rights of individual citizens or a group of citizens shouldn’t be diminished on the commands; orders and dictates of a Powers led commission and his anointed city managers.

    It’s one of the reasons Tom Powers should not be in a leadership position. It’s also a valid reason for the City residents to work on supporting a non-partisan election. A Republican dominated commission, such as we have now, wouldn’t find a 3 to 2 vote necessary to change City code to a nonpartisan election.

    Surprise! They did find a 4 to 1 vote to gut another section of the City Election Code. They eliminated the section that allowed Walter Skip Campbell to qualify for the current election. Without that section of the code, Tom Powers would have automatically become the new Mayor and the city voters would not have a choice of candidates for Mayor in the upcoming election. The short term benefit of that vote provides a future advantage to the current white male dominated republican based commission. The vote has a clear detrimental affect on the average residents of the city. Commissioner Claudette Bruck is the only commissioner that used some common sense and voted no on the modification of the Election code.

    When commenting about that vote, Dan Daley supposedly said to the residents of the city, “If you want to play games go to another city”. The commissioners are now becoming so brazen and powerful that they allow a 20 something year old commissioner to accuse local citizens of playing games and then telling the local citizens they should to go to another city! Not a single commissioner voiced disaproval of that comment! What right does Dan Daley, or anyone else on the commission have to tell a city resident where they can or can’t live? Shame on you commissioners, that kind of talk sounds more like the making of a dictatorship.

    Since the commission feels a need to change the election code, why not change the section that calls for a nonpartisan election? Let’s see, 4 republicans, 1 democrat, in a Democrat majority city. No, that won’t work.

    Maybe a citizens group can initiate a Citywide Petition, acquire the necessary signatures and then have a partisan vs nonpartisan election choice placed on a future ballet so the City Voters can get it done without the commission.

    On this upcoming Election Day, get out and vote. With the lack of checks and balances in the city, it’s important that the voice of the average resident is expressed on Election Day. A vote for Tom Powers and his running mates is a vote for bigotry, prejudice and favoritism to the well connected and is a vote to totally and completely cast aside and ignore the needs of the average city resident.

    If you’re employed by the city you will probably head to the polls and vote for Tom Powers and his 2 running mates because as a city manager, police, fire or other city employee, Tom Powers and his running mates will always protect your job, increase your salary, increase your pension, increase your fringe benefits, increase your perks and then pass the increases on to the taxpaying citizens.

    He and his running mates will bestow on you, the most enchanted kingdom like offices in the city. You of course, will see Tom Power’s name on a plaque every time you walk into the building. No worries about the cost. The cost will just be passed onto the average taxpaying citizens. What if the average citizen can no longer afford the tax increases? No worries, Dan Daley can tell the less fortunate to go to another city. Then, the average citizen will be replaced with someone more affluent.

    If you as a city employee should happen to ignore or violate the individual rights of a resident or group of residents, Tom and his running mates will probably have your back and protect you, your job, your benefits, your perks and your pension from all accusations. Maybe Tom and Dan Daley will tell the violated residents to move to another city.

    For those not employed by the city, the choice is clear because Tom doesn’t listen to the average resident. He doesn’t exercise good judgment and listens only to his special interest groups. Tom Powers and his running mates will not work in your best interest.

    Walter Skip Campbell is a clear choice for Mayor. He will represent the best interest of ALL the residents of the city and your voice will be heard.


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