Update on our Coral Springs story – Pay raises take center stage

Earlier this month we discussed Coral Springs, a city in Broward County with over 120,000 residents that has not elected a Republican to represent it at the Federal or State level since 1982, yet has a 4-1 Republican City Commission. Coral Springs was as we discussed in the previous article in the past a recipient of many good government awards but has recently fallen on more difficult times.

Since our story ran we have heard more complaints from residents of the city and those who advocate good government.  As for new developments, the City Commission approved a major salary increase (over 60% raise!) coupled with putting a companion issue on the November ballot which takes away from the voters the right to approve future salary increases.  Talk about gumption!

The Commissioners have also been besieged by the allegation that they are giving no bid contracts to political allies, wasting taxpayer dollars on city slogans, and have spent close to a million and a half dollars expensive signs welcoming drivers to the City.

The mayor’s seat is currently open and yet only one person, current Commissioner Tom Power has filed.  The Democrats haven’t provided a candidate to run but there is hope that  someone who is respected by civic and business leaders and someone who many believe can help repair the damage done to the City recently will come forward so that nobody gets a free pass to the mayor’s seat.

Coral Springs has elections this November where four of the five commission seats (including the mayor’s post) will be on the ballot. The opportunity is afforded this year to make a definitive change


  1. I did not realize Dan Daly was a Republican until you started writing about this.

    Really surprised me. Maybe we could get him to switch parties?


  2. T He supports a lot of volunteer organizations but has a problem deciding whether to do something because it is politically good for his career or because it is the right thing to do. The other 3 commissioners took him under their wings and brainwashed him. Remember he used to work for Ari Porth. So until I get in as City Commissioner in a non-partisan race this fall, and try to help him make the right decision and be true. we can expect him to tow the Republican line as he courts the Dems.


    1. First, a more than 60% salary raise voted for themselves in this economic climate just indicates they are out of touch with taxpayers. Second, to try and take away the tax payers right to determine the commissioners compensation is just plain wrong. The city charter leaves it to the voters. That is where it should stay. Those who have lived here for a while remember that they tried this once before and it failed.


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  4. […] Coral Springs is a big city with a lot of big city problems, but has been governed by a small cadre of reactionaries like Boccard and Powers the past few years. The prospect of a prominent Mayor, with a statewide network of supporters and contacts like Campbell can help move the city forward once again. But the current commission which has governed the city like a personal fiefdom just two weeks ago sought to begin a process to prevent the reopening of qualifying again in the future. This came just weeks after the commission pushed personal 60% raises. […]


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