Looking Ahead to Election 2014 and Beyond

Over the last several months negativity and infighting has filled the comments section of this blog. While we all know  that 2014 is likely to be a difficult year for Florida Democrats, now that candidate qualifying is closed it is important to reiterate that so much more unites people who are center-left or liberals than divides us.

Whether or not you support Charlie Crist or Nan Rich for Governor, feel President Obama is doing a good job or a bad job or believe the Florida Democratic Party has conducted itself in the best possible way, it is important to stress the items that unite rather than divide.

In the coming days and weeks, we at TFS will continue to offer critiques where needed but will also discuss what unites us and where the emphasis should be for progressives in this election year.  It is also important to note that election cycles beyond 2014 have to be fought and here at TFS we will continue to take a long-term view of issue development and party building for the what promises to be a critical time in Florida’s history.

We thank you for your continued readership and support.


  1. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    So pleased to see the number of Democratic challengers in the Dade legislative races!! Especially the Hispanic Dems running. Maybe we’ll get another Jose Javier Rodriguez or two. Hope TFS has withdrawn its support for Hancock. He has shown his true colors. Daisy may not win it this time, but a good showing might propel her in 16 when its an open seat. If not, I’d still love to see an Arnhilda comeback (although granted she is getting older and has been out a long time). Very disappointed with District 120. That should be a Dem seat – now, not even a challenger. Overall qualifying was a bit better, I believe, than recent cycles.


    1. hancockross · · Reply

      Dist 114 actually becomes LESS competitive in ’16 as an open seat than it is now with Fresen in it. It doesn’t become competitive for a Democrat until ’18 when mortality rates have fully impacted the older Republican advantage.


  2. Wendy Sejour · · Reply

    I could not agree more and I hate to beat a dead horse but one of the reasons that there has been so much vitriol is that people can be anonymous. I have seen it time and again on other sites, because they can hide their identity some people feel they can unleash all the anger, they can muster and will throw out accusations even when they know they are not true just because they know they will not be held accountable. This blog should really consider banning anonymous posting.


  3. What purpose does anonymous posting serve. People need to be accountable to what they write.It would definitely raise the I.Q. of the people who comment..


    1. Tom Bryson · · Reply

      If you can’t own it readers will rightly question it’s credibility.


    2. Broward Bob · · Reply

      how many times have YOU demanded people (including women) supply you with personal identifying information, josie? it’s creepy and stalkerish. there are good reasons people don’t want you to know who they are, where they live, etc.


  4. Frightened · · Reply

    Obviously it has been abused but the comments without the ability to post anonymously will contain less insight and less people actually in the know contributing to the discussion.


  5. Cheryl · · Reply

    The people dividing the party are the establishment who are unwilling to let processes play out properly.


  6. Patti Lynn · · Reply

    I am unable to “like” a comment. …in fact, the system put a “thumbs down” to Joe Krebs reply when I tried to rate it thumbs up.


  7. Please don’t stop critiquing the party! You guys are the only ones saying what needs to be said.


  8. Dems in Action · · Reply

    If you are a committeeman and you want to work to change the party structure from within then anonymity is essential. You want people to know the problems but you don’t want to crash and burn.


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