UPDATED POST: Global Isolationism and American Liberalism Should Never Mix

Back in March of this year, when Russian President Putin broke international laws and norms by invading Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, we put together several posts discussing the recent trend in progressive circles preaching American isolationism in Foreign Policy after the disastrous foreign policies of the Bush Administration. As the news out of Iraq worsens each day with the  Sunni terrorist group Islamic State in Syra and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) making advancement all through Iraq, and with President Obama announcing in a Press Conference this week that all options short of troops on the ground are on the table, fellow Progressives are once again pushing isolationism. Some Progressives have gone as far to support impeachment if the President decides to intervene. In March, Kartik wrote about the growing crisis of supporting isolationism among progressives and how liberals were becoming more knee-jerk in their reactions to any foreign conflict.


ISIS is the real deal folks. This terror group is so hardcore that Usama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda disavowed their membership. ISIS’s main goal is to unite all of the Islamic countries under one flag, and one central leader- a caliphate. Their leader,  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was actually in US custody at a detention facility in Iraq not to long ago, but was released with many of his men in 2009 but was released by Obama administration. Since that time, ISIS has captured Fallujah and Ramadi and during the past week or so,  has taken two more major cities in Iraq, Mosul a northern city near the border of Syira and Tikrit, the hometown of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In fact, as part of their offensive ISIS has already instituted Sharia law in both cities. On Friday, ISIS posted an image today of an officer’s decapitated head tweeted with sickening message: ‘This is our ball. It’s made of skin #WorldCup.”

I was against the invasion of Iraq in 2003, under the false pretenses sold to us by the Bush administration. I was however, along with the majority of Americans in favor of invading Afghanistan to hunt down those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Since that time, Islamic fundamentalism has gone the rise , not just in the Middle East but in Europe, Asia, and yes, even here in America. We seen a rise of terror attacks and attempts at terror in all four corners of the world, as this war continues. Unlike any other time in world history, we seem to be in a permanent state of war. While this war does not feature two nations, it it is just as gravely dangerous and unfortunately as necessary as some of the Great Wars of our planets past. The only difference: the end result of those Great Wars was peace time. In the new 21st century, globalized world, peace time is a myth, and urban legend. There will always be a faction of of people that want to do harm to United States, its allies and all those that oppose their cause.

We cannot sit idly by, and allow the spread of radical Islam to go unchecked, we have learned that painful lesson far too often. Nairobi, USS Cole, 9/11 Madrid and London Bombings amongst others. The threat to America and its allies is real, and must not be ignored. I am not calling for an all out invasion or capret bombing of the Middle East, no one serious is calling for such measures. I am however, gravely disturbed by the recent trend by many of my fellow progressives, to believe that if we just pull out of the region, stop engaging with terrorists and slowly but surely end the War on Terror, that this will lead to the a decrease or even end terrorist activity. This view is absurd, dangerous, and certainly not in the best interest of our country, our people, and our allies.

In this particular interest, if we allow ISIS to go unchecked, and the Green Zone and Iraq fall, every single one of those near 4000 Americans killed in Iraq would be for nothing. In the coming days and weeks, given his recent history President Obama  no doubt will be weighing options on how to respond to ISIS offensive in Iraq, including air strikes, invasion, drone strikes, etc.  I assure you, that doing nothing, is NOT and should not be  one of those options.

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