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  1. Tom Bryson · ·

    Is the Florida Democratic party so bankrupt that they must choose a Republican to represent them in the 2014 contest for governor? Ok, an ex Republican that has after all these years finally seen the light and become a Democrat.

    On May 12, 2009, just seven days after Republican State Senator Marco Rubio announced for the vacant U.S. Senate seat, Republican Governor Charlie Crist and presumed leader of the Florida Republican Party quit as Governor and announced he would challenge his party’s choice for the seat. Things didn’t go well for Republican Governor Charlie Crist. On April 28, 2010 facing unfavorable poll numbers, Charlie, rather than take a whipping in a fight he started, once again quit. He announced he would run as an Independent. It didn’t go well for Independent Republican Charlie Crist either and the loss left him unemployed and homeless. Charlie the quitter has no right to claim his party left him and Charlie the looser had managed to lose a single election twice.

    Charlie’s apparent irrational political judgment was really Just Charlie looking out for Charlie. The buzz had Marco on the fast track to the Presidency. Six years in the Senate and he’d be ready to become the first Latino President Just like Obama, our first black President. Marco was breaking line and Charlie couldn’t have that. Abandoning his incumbency was a matter of political necessity. It was not “just about the people” as Charlie likes to say.

    Ego and narcissism are needy masters and fortunately orphan Charlie has friends in high places. It isn’t long until Charlie’s likeness is featured prominently on bill boards along Florida’s highways so Floridians can continue to look up to Charlie. Or is it so Charlie can continue to look down on Floridians? It is probably both.

    Democrat Independent Republican Charlie Crist is once again knocking at the door. Hopefully there’s nobody home. Democrats can do better than leftovers from the Republican table.


  2. The real thing · ·

    Why anyone is backing Nan Rich for reasons other than symbolism is questionable. Becoming an ally of Rick Scott is bothersome and many democrats seem not to care if they reelect Scott just to hurt Crist who is the reason Obama is President to begin with!


  3. Blue Dog Dem · ·

    The party is so bad at candidate recruitment and right now as your recent articles on House races indicates so much needs to be done still, so much opportunity being wasted.


  4. an observer · ·

    For the Democratic Party to become a player statewide, the party must expand its base. I personally know many active Republicans who are turned off by the antics of the right wing. They see their party leaving them in the dust. Do we develop a litmus test of party and ideology purity that is applied to a candidate for office? Or … or are the party of the “big tent?”


    1. Charlie is welcome under the tent to learn what it’s like. Nan is the perfect person to tutor him.


  5. It is a horribly sad reflection of our party that our eventual nominee will be someone so deeply flawed who was not even a Democrat two years ago.

    Crist has serious baggage and anyone who doesn’t see that is simply kidding themselves.

    Nan Rich is a poor campaigner and not viable. Still she is a perfect protest vehicle at this point in time to send a loud message to the state party.

    I will be voting for her.


  6. Tom Bryson · ·

    I have never understood how anyone could believe they could sell Charley to the Democrats. The answer is they can’t but of course, they don’t care. Charlie is going to throw a few bones to the Democratic base mostly on social issues. But when it comes to other issues, like Governor Scott Charlie will serve the big money as he did before. Crist v Scott is a win win for the corporatist and once again the voters are left without a choice. A vote for Charlie is a vote for the status quo.

    For Democrats to win, They will need a strong turnout in November. Senator Rich can do that better than Charlie. After all, Senator Rich is a Democrat.


  7. Concerned Democrat · ·

    After seeing that post on the Obama perfromancd by house seat I am even more disgusted with house victory and Christian Ulvert who seems to not care about winning races and taking advantage of any dem tide. 2012 was criminal negligence.


  8. Following up on the excellent articles on this site about redistricting and house races why are we so poor at candidate recruitment and do we have any hope if changing things?


  9. Tom Bryson · ·

    I suspect many good Democrats are reluctant run because they are unwilling to bow to the party on issues. This would be especially true of the progressives that dominate South East Florida.


  10. Same old story · ·

    The coup that placed Mark Pafford as the leader absolutely killed us. Set us way back on recruitment.

    Same thing as always. We finally had a worthwhile leader working hard and he was ousted.


  11. The state party is losing elections, spits on activists and does nothing to recruit candidates, promote new talent or grow the party’s brand .


  12. Do we think the Dems even hold 45 in the House and 14 in the Senate?

    I’m not convinced we do!


  13. Tampa Bay Democratic Operative · ·

    It is embarrassing how inept our party has become. We lose cycle after cycle yet keep making the same mistakes, the same excuses and employing the same people. This website has been the best at exposing this insanity and I am glad I see the articles from the squeeze widely circulated. Keep up the good work guys!


  14. Any thoughts on the Patrick Murphy reelection race?


    1. He’s well positioned but it is going to be a difficult Democratic year. He’s a slight favorite.


  15. Cheryl · ·

    The state party’s failings are on display for all to see.

    I think the reason people are so skeptical of Crist is because it is the FDP a party of losing that has been constantly failing and bungling the message that is pushing him.

    Had he run without FDP assistance he’d be fine!


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