Biggest TFS day ever and other pieces of website/socal media news

First off, thanks to our readers for making yesterday the biggest day in TFS history in terms of page views and the second biggest in terms of unique users. The combination of events that took place yesterday and the number of articles on the site from different perspectives helped drive the traffic.

We have a few housekeeping items to announce today.

  1. Many of you may have noticed that beginning yesterday afternoon if you left comments on the site, they are now being held for moderation. The process is a quick one with any of our moderators able to approve comments on any device. Unfortunately, too many abuses of the open comment system had taken place in recent months so every comment will be moderated.
  2. You may have noticed our efforts to be more interactive and engaging on Twitter this past week. That will continue with more social media plans being unveiled in the near future.
  3. Our initial Google + Hangout will take place this coming week. Stay tuned for more details about when it will be aired and how you can participate.

Thanks again for your continued patronage of TFS!

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