Hillsborough Democrats pass debate resolution

Tonight at the monthly meeting of the Hillsborough Democratic Party, the local party in the state’s fourth largest county passed a resolution urging the Florida Democratic Party to push for a debate to be held between Democratic Gubernatorial candidates after the conclusion of candidate qualifying. Several other local DECs are considering similarly worded measures.

Whether or not a debate where issues and public policy is discussed occurs before the primary, the “debate about debates” certainly is increasing in volume and scope in recent weeks.


  1. Idiots. They will keep losing because they have no clue things are not he way they used to be anymore. Rich has no real chance of winning. The mega money machine the Rs have love this. You re playing into their hands and you may be responsible for Rick Scott winning again.. We are not in America anymore. The Republic is dead and we have to fight the evil mega money corporate machine a totally different way, or continue to lose. Geez you think the Ds would learn.


    1. Sorry Nancy. I will respond to you because at least you have a name. I believe in fighting for people and things that you believe in. I welcome everyone who believes in Chicken Charlie to vote for him in the primary. However, if you vote for Charlie because you believe the bullshit that his operatives are spouting you are either on his payroll, looking for a job like Gelber or Geller, figure you can buy judges with your 5 or 6 figure contributions or very naive. In any case if you want to get the vote out debates are mandatory. If Charlie doesn’t debate Nan, Tricky Ricky has his excuse to not debate and we will not get the vote out. So stop belittling Nan and her supporters or we will stop playing nice. Remember Nan has no money and no name recognition, Scott has both.Oh also check my reply at the bottom of the page.


      1. the old guy sitting on the green bench · ·

        Mr Kreps – I elect to not use my name as I am to a very small degree a public person. Now you may discount my comments because of my need to not to put my name out publicly. If so that is your right. I may disagree with an individual however I will denigrate any individual. It seems to me that Ms Rich has had the stage all to herself until very recently when Mr Crist stepped on stage. From my point of view sittin’ here on one of the world famous green benches lining Central Ave in St Pete watching the pachyderms walk down the avenue, Ms. Rich has failed to attract a significant following. Perhaps you might wish to address that question, why hasn’t she gotten the grassroots on board?

        Picking up my pipe and softly drawing on it …. ahhhh


      2. It is my honor to reply to you Old Guy. I too am a public person. I am a political activist who has decided to spend the rest of my life trying to make the world a better place for my children and grandchildren and happily I’m not the only one. First off let me say, I am adamantly opposed to Scott and Crist. They are 2 peas in a pod. Both are conservative puppets of corrupt backers who are bought and paid for the same way their supporters are. They are what is wrong with our democracy. Their criminality and corruption would take me days to write about, although this fine forum has done a good job reporting and investigating, both campaigns have their own share to be disseminating after August. I’d rather address my choice for Governor, Nan Rich. She is the only candidate that is not for sale. Her record and her Democratic experience and values are impeccable.Please see her webpage to learn about her and the very impressive endorsements which are limited only by the neutrality oath that is in place. Her campaign is doing well. Although I am not part of it I am a contributor both financial and with my activism.Nan Rich is a brilliant women. Her strategy is very successful. You see she gets support the honest way. She does it with honesty, passion and compassion. Three things her competition sorely lack. The number of people who will actually get off their asses to vote in the primary is rather small. Fortunately they are knowledgeable
        activists such as Nan and myself.I believe the crooks and opportunists have no idea who they are messing with. You are welcome to join us in our quest for a better state and country.


  2. Broward Bob · · Reply

    Correct Nancy. A vote for Rich is a vote for Scott.


  3. This is a disgrace.

    A vote for Rich is a vote for Scott.

    It is no great mystery all the republicans are pumping money into pro-Rich groups.


  4. Timothy · · Reply

    Rich is essentially being run by the Republicans and backed by the Republicans.

    Those backing her are either naive crazy activists or people aligned with the republicans. I don’t want to get into names but those lobbyists and elected officials donating and backing Rich are doing so to help Scott.


  5. the old guy sitting on the green bench · · Reply

    Where is there a gain for Crist to engage in this penny pitching exercise? What is in it for him? It is reprehensible that a few outspoken individuals decry the fact the Crist is the leading candidate and the Rich is not getting any traction in her effort. From what I can determine she has not successfully moved the Democratic Party into a significant position in the state. We need to look outside the group that as left us where we are. Perhaps Charlie has answers we need to heed.


    1. Dems in Action · · Reply

      If he does then he has no reason not to vote. Many Republicans will vote for Nan if she wins the primary. They won’t vote for Crist because he is nothing but an opportunist. He fails the smell test.


  6. Dems in 14 · · Reply

    It would be more productive if local Democratic parties called out the people supporting and Rich the agitators and put their foot down and told these people either you back the parties presumptive nominee or you risk your place in the Democratic Party. Enough is enough of this. All this is doing is helping Rick Scott.


  7. While I think people should be able to back whoever they want and understand respect why someone back nan rich you people must realize Crust is the party now he is our future and it’s best we get behind him as soon as possible.


    1. Dems in Action · · Reply

      If he is our future…..if he is all we’ve got then we might as well join the republican party. We will have lost our values as Democrats. And as far as Crist being the “presumptive nominee” that means the FDP is violating its own rules. What else is new.


  8. Democrat · · Reply

    Kartik, I don’t recall seeing you at the Hillsborough DEC meeting tonight but knowing the intent of the motion sponsor, it achieved the purpose that it was intended to…as a publicity stunt….and you were suckered into writing about it!!!

    I’ve said here before and I’m happy to see every single comment here before me also agree, that Nan Rich is basically toast, she has gone no where, raised no money, and every single poll that has been done shows Nan so far behind that it behoves the analogy of a dog chasing a car..many dogs chase cars but they never actually catch one!!

    So as I have said many times before, this whole debate discussion makes for interesting jibberish…but there is no way former Governor and current Democratic front runner for Governor Charlie Crist is going to give any dogs, I mean other candidates, any chance to catch up with him.

    The train has left the station, and Nan and all her left wing ultra liberal progressive friends had better jump on the train because their ONLY alternative is Rick Scott and 20 more straight years of Republican Rule and it will be your fault if that were to happen!!!


  9. Hey Kartik, you really pissed the trolls off. You and I are the only people who have the balls to back up what we say with our true identities. These faux Democrats really don’t have a clue. The Charlie corrupt money machine is crumbling and these cowards know it. Their desperation is as obvious as Charlies overactive sweat glands. The manufactured rally in Plantation was an example of wasted money. Every Crist sign and holder was bought and paid for. You see you can’t buy passion and you can’t buy loyalty. Charlie thinks he can bring his show to Nan Land. He is as welcome as an ant at a picnic.


  10. Ray Hudkins · · Reply

    Why should Charlie have it easy in a Democratic primary by ducking the chance to contract himself and Nan Rich. He won’t win the governor’s chair by hiding. I want to see him have to stand for immigration reform, Medicaid expansion, common core implementation, environmental protection, jobs, etc. Playing cute doesn’t mark him as a leader. As a NPA voter, I want to hear from him in clear commentary, not slick TV and Internet ads. We know Scott won’t want to debate so Charlie can say to the voters “I’m not afraid to tell the voter who I am and what I will do when elected.”


  11. A vote for Nan Rich = a vote for Rich Scott .

    Simple question. Who here wants to win? I do, and support Charlie Crist who like it or not will represent our party and our Democratic values this fall.

    Either get with the program or get out of the party!


    1. JRT, where and when have I heard the similar rant of love it or leave it. Oh yeah. Republicans.


  12. Mr. Kreps, you need to get down out of your ivory tower of political purism, accept the fact that politics is a very rough and tumble business and that the point of any race is to WIN and gain the seat of power! The state of Florida cannot afford your altruistic point of view! It has declined immeasurably in all sectors since the Republicans gained control of Tally. Crist has a record of moderation as governor, we know he can do the job without raping the middle class and the poor in this state, and that is going to have to be sufficient for us Dems to get on board! I am tired of the REPUBLICAN corruption, the billions in rightwing dollars that the likes of the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove have poured into every race here, while running our state like the mafia!


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