Two big pieces of TFS News will be revealed tomorrow


flsqueeze5Tomorrow morning we will have two major announcements regarding the future of this website. Stay tuned!


  1. Does it include answering e-mail submissions and editing content? LOL. Let me know if you need a widely published editor. Please check out my blog at The Nation which deals extensively with Florida and national politics! Best wishes to The Florida Squeeze. I really enjoy its great content.

    1. Reid, we never got the email submission and couldn’t download the piece from the link you left here. :(…please email again to Thanks.

  2. Florida Voter · · Reply

    My hopes.

    1- a proper expose of the scandalous behavior of the Democrats in name only in the legislature.

    2- More book reviews.

  3. Fla Dem Insider · · Reply

    Stop bashing the Florida Democratic Party and stop indulging a bunch of malcontents in the house. That is all anyone wants from the site. Too many people are reading this site Now for you to continue your shameless attacks on Charlie Crist and the Florida Democratic Party. Hopefully that is what this big announcement is tomorrow. We will only bash Republicans and those Democrats that are causing problems within the party. Not the party itself and not our gubernatorial candidate.

    1. Charlie Crist’s strategy, IMO, is NOT to alienate the moderate Republican voters in FL by trashing Jeb. We all know the record of Jeb Bush, starting with the criminal actions he committed to steal the White House for his brother. That alone will go down in the annals of history making “Mudd” of the Bush name. Now, my suggestion: let’s Dems start talking about all the unethical, criminal, “Taj Mahal”, conflict of interest deals, illegal RPOF campaign slush funds funded by foreign nationals like Chinese, the mob-style murder of Ray Lemme in Valdosta in connection of his imminent exposure of the Chinese slush funds, the Legislator Sansom disgrace and resignation, Jeb Bush’s self-enrichment for eight years, the election fraud honchoed by Jeb himself in 2000 and 2004, the conviction of the RPOF Chair for financial crimes, the non-stop scandals relating to Haridopolis and his “book”, his university paycheck for teaching nobody, his lies on his financial disclosures, Marco Polo Rubio’s same lies while in the FL Legislature and to the U. S. House regarding his financials, his outrageous manufactured story during his campaign regarding his parents’ emigration to the U. S., his dismal performance and partisan scheming as a totally unworthy U. S. Senator, this is just the first chapter of the scandals of the Republican Party in Florida. These things matter, and we need to put all of this scheming, unethical and illegal behavior by FL Repubs (that should have been prosecuted) in front of the voters, starting today and without letup until the November election. Stop the infighting, please! Oh, almost forgot, that simpering fool Will Weatherford and his +$100,000 income that he “earns” without ever leaving his expensive mansion in Pasco County–paid for by whom?–why no investigation of this financial outrage, Florida Commission on Ethics? Here’s another: the totally phony sham of Gaetz and Weatherford riding the circuit all over Florida holding their phony “town hall meetings” as if they were going to result in an HONEST redistricting of FL and Congressional districts. That didn’t happen and the FL Supreme Court stated as much! How could we NOT defeat this barrel of rotten apples this election?

  4. I’d love an expose on how the NRA is taking over the Democratic Party with both the Senate Democratic Caucus and House Caucus siding with the NRA. Leader Thurston tried to stop this as did Leader Smith.

    Maybe a series on why only 19 Democrats stood strong on Medicaid Expansion out of 58 in the Legislature? Maybe TFS can launch an effort to make sure some of the worst offenders have primaries this summer.

  5. 1- A three part documentary on how the ouster of Darryl Rouson saved the Democratic Party.

    2- Hopefully the exclusive news that several Democrats in the House have opted to retire or join the Republicans. Then the support they give the conservatives on critical issues like guns and economics can no longer be “bi-partisan.”

  6. My interest is presentation of the facts …..regardless of party affiliation ……it would be interesting to get feedback from the readers and surveys on their issues of importance for

    1. How about starting with an expose on the fact that Marion Hammer and the NRA OWN the Republicans in the FL Legislature. This fact alone has made the State of Florida the laughingstock of the country. Talk about unethical and contrary to the best interests and safety of the citizens of Florida, but in the BEST interests of the bottom line of gun manufacturers in the U. S., gun suppliers to every tin mililtary dictator, drug runner and felon in the world!

      1. Sadly Democracy is not part of the discussion….Oligarchs own the country…. but fear still rules and so does leadership (Washington) as they line their pockets and work for their own best interest….Frankly, the media has abandoned us for hype and theater…devoid of the facts, which include Gun Violence statistics…..the people must rally and organize if they want to bring civility back into the conversation and the issues…. since leadership isn’t willing for that conversation……

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