Videos: Voucher supporters concede they are doing a run around the Constitution

In a video obtained by The Florida Squeeze, the CATO Institute’s Andrew Coulson concedes that voucher programs are potentially doing a run around serious constitutional questions both on the state and national level.

AMCSC Clip2 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

In the following clip Coulson expounds upon his premise.

AMCSC Clip 7 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

Coulson is a smart and well-respected constitutional expert on the constitution, it’s framing and execution from a conservative perspective. His comments paint a clear picture that voucher supporters know they are skirting the lines of constitutionality with their programs, yet feel from their perspective that it is in the public good to push the envelope.

With HB 7099, the largest potential expansion of Florida’s voucher program making its way through the State House as well as the usual array of other voucher related measures being filed, we will continue to expose the attitude and agenda of voucher advocates here at TFS.




  1. floridian · ·

    Social media chatter is suggesting that videos of voucher proponents’ own words may have added to the decision to pull the voucher expansion bill. Good job, Kartik!


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