Nan Rich hits Charlie Crist in State of the State response

Nan RichHmmm…

“For nearly eight years, under Republican Govs. Charlie Crist and Rick Scott, Florida has given billions in tax breaks and virtual control of our government over to special interests,” Rich maintained on Tuesday. “As a state, we are less safe and less able to meet the basic needs of our citizens than we were eight years ago. We don’t need a magician to fix what’s wrong with our state – we need a governor who will reset priorities and get our state back on the right track. And that’s exactly the kind of governor I’ll be.”

Expect Senator Rich to continue this line of attack against Governor Crist. While Crist remains the Democratic front-runner many activists and other primary goers are planning on voting for him while holding their nose. Reinforcement of Crist as a “Republican Governor,” whose values are contrary to that of the majority of Democrats can only help Rich’s underdog candidacy.

While Crist began the primary campaign with populist undertones and themes related to challenging the political establishment, his recent public support for Jeb Bush as well as a bizarre fundraising letter yesterday where Crist touted his bipartisanship may further Rich’s narrative. Crist wrote yesterday to supporters:

Someone who can work with members of both parties to strengthen small businesses that create jobs, cut wasteful spending, and make our schools and universities better instead of cutting billions from education spending.

The two parties in Tallahassee won’t always agree — nor should they.

But it’s not a sin to reach across the aisle – it’s an obligation of leadership, something we’ve seen far too little of under this governor.

While it may seem an adult thing to do to tout bipartisanship, Crist’s Democratic credentials are yet to be well enough established one might think to make such an appeal particularly so soon after his  Jeb Bush comments.

Whether this line of attack resonates with Democratic primary voters remains to be seen.


  1. Yelllow Dog Democrat · ·

    ZZZZZZZZ…..Oh somebody please wake me up when the Primary is over and Charlie is the Democratic nominee against Scott


  2. Broward Bob · ·

    get rid of idiot joe kreps and you will have a better chance.


    1. Broward Bob, What are you afraid of? You hide behind an alias and don’t debate. You are a bigger coward than Charlie.


      1. Broward Bob · ·

        I am afraid of idiots like you ruining Nan’s chances. Shut your blubbering mouth and she might do OK.


  3. Patti Lynn · ·

    It is unfortunate that many “establishment” Democrats do not want to examine the statements, policies, and real politics of Charlie Crist. How can anyone ignore his blatant self-promotion, lack of veritas, and inability to defend any of his positions for longer than 2 weeks. Florida needs consistency in government, and a return of the state to its people. NAN RICH will do that, not chain gang charlie. NAN RICH has been on the right side of history for her entire career. Where is the Democratic debate on the issues? Nowhere, because Charlie refuses to participate. Why? Because he doesn’t have a verifiable position on anything. Wake up Democrats!! To move Florida forward, for its people, its children, its poor, and its medically indigent, we NEED NAN RICH!!


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