Florida Democratic Party accepts $20,000 from group headed by Tom Feeney.


During fourth quarter fundraising, the Florida Democratic Party took in a $20,000 contribution from a group called Save Our Constitution Now. The chairman of the organization is Tom Feeney. Yes, that Tom Feeney…the right-wing Speaker of the Florida House who during the 2000 election debacle tried to award Florida’s electoral votes to George W. Bush. The same Tom Feeney who was Jeb Bush’s 1994 running mate, who rigged the most partisan Republican gerrymander ever in the 2002 redistricting and who got tied into a scandal in 2008 that cost him his Congressional seat.

While doing research on Save Our Constitution Now, it seems that they have only been electorally involved with one issue, which was opposition to a property tax in Marion County in regards to funding the Munroe Regional Medical Center. But since then, they seem to be quiet.

Looking at the contributions, it is easy to see their political persuasion. Florida Blue has donated $237,500, United States Sugar Corporation has donated $150,000, Voices of Florida Businesses has donated $90,000 and the Associated Industries of Florida donated $65,001 to Save Our Constitution Now.

While all of these amounts are quite interesting, there is one trend that is even more interesting. On December 18th, 2013, the Florida Democratic Party received a $20,000 check from Save Our Constitution Now. Two days later, AIF donated $20,000 to Save Our Constitution Now. This could seem like a coincidence, but the last time that Save Our Constitution Now received a contribution before this one was on September 25th, 2013 from US Sugar. Their last expenditure before this was to the Republican Party of Florida on November 26th, 2013.  In the past the FDP hasn’t been shy to take money from AIF, but why now?

So, is the Florida Democratic Party in cahoots with Tom Feeney now? Unlikely, but the contribution begs the question if the FDP taking more money from big sugar and AIF and simply trying to mask it using third party organizations? Just having the name Feeney attached to this organization should make any Democrat cringe in their skin. Therefore, and explanation by the FDP for this contribution is warranted.


  1. Sharon Sjokvist Isern · · Reply

    This is enough to make me resign as a Democrat!! Shameful, along with our elected Democrats voting to cut food stamps, and our supporting our former Republican governor as a possible Democratic candidate this year. I support Nan Rich…if we win with this real Democrat..we win a victory. If we lose, at least we stood up for our values.


    1. WhoIsTomFeeneyReally? FL Dems in bed here? Took 20K!


      Catch up folks!


  2. Disgusting


  3. Probably a front group for sugar considering the Martin County ties. No elected official Republican or Democrat in Martin County to be seen taking sugar money.

    This type of organization allows fundraising and no direct tie the sugar. I bet that’s what it is for.


    1. No, the connection is in Marion County, not Martin County. But still, with $150,000 from US Sugar, I’m sure there is some connection.


  4. Fl Dems stop selling out. You could help stand for a great progressive state but you choose to hide you head in the sand as long as the coffer gets fed.


  5. Patti Lynn · · Reply

    WHY do I think that this is all wrapped up with “Chain Gang Charlie???” That is the ONLY reason that these funds could be heading to the Democratic Party. Let’s be sure to take advantage of those funds: NAN RICH FOR GOVERNOR.


  6. Nancy Argenziano · · Reply

    Nan Rich cant’t ever beat Rick Scott ,and in today’s world if the D party can’t raise money, they are toast. The Rs have the KOCH brothers and they have far more money and unfortunately voters believe the TV ads and the shiny political mailouts filled with lies, slander and hate. And Patti ,if you won’t welcome others into your party, especially those who know first hand how bad the R party has gotten, then you are no different then the wacko Rs that call moderate republicans RINO’s. In case you havn’t noticed your party needs some help.


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