Rick Scott praises Koch Brothers confidant on Twitter. #itsnotworking

scottmcjobsSo, Rick Scott is at it again. In a recent tweet about business moving to Florida, Scott gave a “shout out” to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. On the face of it, the gesture by Florida’s governor seems benign (no pun intended). But when we look at the owner of the company, we see the real reason why Rick Scott might stoked at the move from Illinois.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is owned by Richard J. Stephenson, a right-wing conservative who is on the board of Freedom Works, the SuperPAC funded by the Koch Brothers. It is reported that Stephenson was influential in kicking Dick Armey off of the Freedom Works board by pledging $400,000 a year to the organization. In addition, he states that Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard of the Austrian school philosophy of economics (which is considered even too right-wing for supply-siders) were influential in his political ideology. He was even an early supporter of the Koch Brothers in 1984 with their “Citizens for a Sound Economy” movement.

So with the move of Stephenson’s company to Florida, there will be another ultra-right wing company that will use its money to influence Florida politics. True, the name of the company seems non-threatening, and I am sure the work they do on cancer is great. But the politics behind the organization will prove to be harmful to the citizens of Florida. Like the Koch Brothers themselves whose influence in Florida is at an all-time high. Oxbow Industries the Koch’s holding company is based in West Palm Beach. But the company has created little in the way of jobs in Florida despite the millions they spend on politicians in the state.

Also, the Daily Kos has a good write up on Mr. Stephenson.


  1. Floridian · ·

    Interesting. Where is the mainstream media on this issue?


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