Charlie Crist: Making the right enemy in Big Sugar

Sometimes you can judge the quality of a candidate or campaign in the enemies they attract.

For me Charlie Crist’s stock went up when I read veteran reporter Gary Fineout’s piece about the amount of money Big Sugar, the enemy of much of Florida’s precious and fragile ecosystem is pumping into Rick Soctt’s 527 “reelection”  committee. The condescending ads you see on TV and around the internet about Crist are largely funded by Big Sugar. The same Big Sugar which has through recent years gained a stranglehold on many Democrats in the state.

Crist’s long-term advocacy of environmental protection has not been consistent but generally he has been more “green” than not. Sugar knows this and wants to prevent his return to elected office. This is something Democratic activists should note. Charlie Crist is far from perfect, but if you judge him by the enemies he makes, he’s doing a good job of convincing progressives he’s one us.


  1. The Observer · ·

    Wexler and Burt happily accepted money from Big Sugar. No surprise there.


  2. As did Smith when he ran for governor…..Hope this gets the attention it deserves, the jobs
    governor is on the wrong side when it comes to Florida’s fragile environment…..


  3. I’ll take Charlie warts, hairs and all in comparison to the proven dangerous Rick Scott and any Democrat or progressive that will oppose Crist or sit the Crist-Scott race out is not operating on all cylinders. The important thing is to beat Scott……sure I wish a 100% progressive would be our nominee, but that’s most unlikely. We go with what we’ve got folks!


    1. Nan Rich will not be bought. She is concerned about the Eco-system and is a solution to corporate pollution.


  4. The important thing is to win with DIGNITY! I’m still voting for Nan Rich. I don’t want to win by any means necessary. I want to walk away with a good feeling that I did not give up my soul just to win an election. I know some of you will come back at me about this, but I stand up for what I believe and I believe Nan is the right choice.


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