Zest of the Day: The Political Hurricane on Allison Tant and the FDP with TFS Analysis

As almost everyone who reads this site likely knows, I do not always agree with Dave Trotter. We have had some differences of opinion over the past many years, but I must admit the infographic sent out by the Florida Democratic Party this morning was odd to say the least. Mr. Trotter states a point of view I am often hearing from many activists but fewer insiders. Why is the FDP not concerned about issues just simply promoting its officers/staff and taking down the other side? This is a party that has failed to articulate a positive policy agenda for Florida and has deprived Floridians of the fundamental democratic choice in the arena of ideas and public policy. This ill-advised infographic probably aimed strictly at party insiders and political consultants continues that shameful trend.

I believe Allison Tant has been a far better Chair than Rod Smith was, though Smith set the bar so low I suppose anyone would be. But rather than emphasize the party’s achievements as just that, it seems this is simply personal self-promotion, and attacks on the Republicans.

Perhaps Tant feels besieged by the fact that her opposition hasn’t exactly closed ranks around her. That in itself is a sad reflection of the state of the Democratic Party, an organization that has lost a greater percentage of  state elections east of the Mississippi than any other state Dem party since 2000.  But perhaps it also smacks of some insecurity because critics have rightly pointed to the FDP’s poor fundraising and Tant stated she was a fundraiser first. In reality, Tant wasn’t going to fix the party long-term defects in party fundraising in six months, and she deserves to be given deference on that.

However the problem is that Tant sold herself as a fundraiser who could turn everything around for the party. That certainly has not happened, and while it was unfair to expect it, her campaign for chair was based on unrealistic goals and expectations.

The long-term malaise felt in the Florida Democratic Party is a long way from being solved. Consultants around the state continue to use the party and its infrastructure to promote their own personal agenda, both political and financial while leaving the party in woeful shape. To this point in time, Chairwoman Tant has done little to solve this problem though again it was probably unrealistic to expect her to work miracles on a patient that has been in ICU for the better part of two decades.


  1. I is disappointing to see the Party’s platform posted on their website consists of 5 very generic issues: Jobs, Education, Healthcare, Social Security, and Civil Rights. This is poor branding at best. The State party must do a better job of communicating their value proposition to voters and differentiating themselves by connecting with voters on issues that are important to them which Democrats support.


  2. This platform was a first step…and it was a huge one! I think the platform will be developed as we move into the future.


  3. Is it true the ED and PD are both making $200K and the PD has outside clients?


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