Despite talk of other big name candidates, Nan Rich continues to gain support

While recent attention has been focused on Charlie Crist and Alex sink potentially getting into the governor’s race, Nan Rich continues to plug away meeting voters and energizing the grassroots activists on the left.

Recent polls have indicated that Rick Scott will be more difficult to unseat in 2014 then many Democrats originally anticipated, thus it is important for the Democrats have framed a message at an early stage of the campaign in order to inoculate the party from the seemingly unlimited resources Scott will spend on re-election. While a well seasoned candidate statewide is a plus, it may be more important to nominate a candidate who has worked the grassroots and talked to activists across the state understanding the needs of the state and engaging voters.

As every off-year election this millennium has demonstrated a direct correlation exists between enthusiasm in each party’s base and electoral results. This reality has proven disastrous for Florida Democrats in past cycles and despite Rick Scott’s overall weakness, the party very well could blow this election if events continue down the current course.

The current course among some insiders seems to be encouraging potential candidates whose connection with the party base is tenuous to run while ignoring the only announced candidate in Senator Rich who is connecting with activists and local Democratic officials throughout the state. The continued uncertainty around other candidates in the race has not stopped Senator Rich from coalescing more and more grassroots support. Traveling the state actively each and every week, Rich has collected an impressive group of activists to support her campaign.

Many party elites appear to be completely out of touch with the sentiments of grassroots activists and local party officials. The party both on the state and many local levels need to reconnect with those who walk precincts, make phone calls and devote just about all of the free time in their busy lives to electing good progressive Democrats to office.

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink are largely defined to Florida’s electorate. Nan Rich is not. Whether that makes a difference as we approach the 2014 Democratic Primary remains to be seen but it would be wise of  other Democrats to at least try and engage the infrastructure Rich has created even if she fails to win the nomination.


  1. Kevin Cerino · ·

    I keep seeing this blog touting that Nan Rich is ‘gaining support.’ What I have yet to see is any evidence of that support.

    People were saying the same thing about Marco Rubio when he challenged Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination for United States Senate. But there was evidence that his support was growing.

    Rubio was raising a lot of money (not as much as Crist at first, but a respectable amount). Nan Rich’s haul so far is dwarfed by many State Senate (and perhaps State House) campaigns.

    Crist was slowly dropping and Rubio was slowly rising in the polls. Rich hasn’t gained any ground, despite being in the race for almost a year.

    Rubio gained the support of outside groups like the Club for Growth and was featured on the cover of National Review. Other than this blog, who is backing Nan Rich?

    Finally, Rubio showed that he had the support of grassroots Republicans by kicking Charlie Crist’s rear in straw polls held by county Republican Committees.


  2. demdaysi · ·

    As the only announced republican senate candidate, the republicans came out and started supporting Rubio. As the only announced democratic candidate, why hasn’t the democratic party come out and started supporting Nan Rich? That support made the difference.


  3. JOE KREPS · ·

    What she said…………….


  4. Progressive Democrat · ·

    Han Rich is a TRUE Progressive DEM, the ONLY one running at this time. Her core values have never wavered, FDP seems to be waiting for big name like Crist to jump in (GOP to IND to DEM)?? Does THAT sound like TRUE BLUE DEM core values to you? Florida NEEDS a strong Democrat as Governor to TURN this state sround!


    1. Kevin Cerino · ·

      Why aren’t “TRUE BLUE DEMs” supporting Senator Rich by donating to her campaign? She raised less than $40,000 during the last quarter. Are “TRUE BLUE DEMs” overwhelmingly impoverished, or are simply stingy?


  5. Progressive Democrat · ·

    I think SOME DEMS think you MUST have national recognition like a Crist to win. NOT TRUE! If you have a good PROGRESSIVE DEM – you should SUPPORT THEM and take back our STATE from Idiots like SCOTT! All it takes is for ALL FL DEMS to go VOTE FOR NAN RICH and she will WIN! Doesn’t that sound SIMPLE enough? WHY isn’t the FDP DOING IT?


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