Polarizing Orange County Democrat Seeking County Commission Seat

Never a dull moment in Orange County Democratic politics. As the county emerges into a full-fledged urban area which favors Democrats, its internal politics is getting stranger and stranger.  Enter Joshua “Pazy” Paladino, a local bomb-thrower who is running in the heavily African-American Commission District 6 despite not being African-American. Paladino has been an energetic but highly controversial and polarizing figure within the local party. He is likely facing off with former Commissioner and local political legend Homer Hartage in the August 2014 election.

Paladino has been mentored by former Chairman Doug Head who during his long tenure as Chairman (12 years from 1992 to 2004) bemoaned the lack of minority candidates, and despite finding some good candidates locally in the 2000 cycle, Head had little success in both 2002 and 2004. Paladino boasted in November on social media that he had voted for Gary Johnson for President because of objections to President Obama’s foreign policy. I too have issues with the President’s foreign policy (I took to social media in 2011 to ask Republicans in Congress to invoke the War Powers act and reign in Obama’s military intervention in Libya) however, a progressive voting for Gary Johnson is on domestic policy worse than a progressive voting for Mitt Romney. Johnson articulated during his campaign that folding cabinet agencies and busting unions by taking away collective bargaining and tenure would be good policies to pursue. Had “Pazy” truly wanted to invoke a protest at the ballot box, skipping the Presidential race or voting for Green Party Candidate Jill Stein would have been more appropriate.

The young candidate is an independent thinker. He has advocated on his campaign website a desire to lower the drinking age to 13 which is a non-conformist view but also is quite ridiculous in the scheme of things. He also has published various issue positions which have nothing to do with Orange County but reflect a contrarian world view much of which is based on selective readings of history and what has worked abroad.

Pazy’s involvement with the fringe political organization America Exposed will also certainly cause him trouble in the primary. The organization has staked out positions on a number of issues that have split the local community and have run satirical political cartoons that have mocked women and have taken below the belt shots at Orange County DEC Chairman and Tax Collector, Scott Randolph. Many of the changes to the DEC Randolph has advocated are in line with my article published last week about how DEC’s can return to local relevance. So while Pazy and his younger allies may claim to be reformers themselves, they are in fact opposing any sort of change that would make the party more effective and organized.

Pazy’s campaign may prove to be quixotic much like that of his ally Mike Cantone who received under 4% of the vote in last spring’s Orlando Mayoral Race. Cantone’s campaign did more to damage relationships within the local Democratic Party than anything it achieved as far as Orlando municipal government & politics. Pazy’s campaign starts out in a similarly dangerous fashion and we can only hope his tone changes and he attempts to conduct his campaign with some dignity and respect for party elders and activists.


  1. VooBug33 · · Reply

    Why don’t candidates opposed to the Democratic establishment at both the local and national levels run as Independents instead?


    1. Doug Head · · Reply

      Mostly because they believe that the Democratic “establishment” is leading the Party in the wrong direction, but they want to remain loyal Democrats. Like it or not, it is a valid approach.


  2. Googling his name shows a long record of violence against women and other drug related charges. Not sure what he thinks he is going to accomplish with this. He’s definitely a DINO, using it to forward his twisted reality.


  3. “America Exposed” is not an organization- it’s his vanity website. It’s his and solely his project other than the artwork contracted to his roommate.


  4. First and foremost, I have always enjoyed reading articles written by individuals who A.) Never have met me and B.) Haven’t tried to contact me regarding the content of their blog entry. Secondly, what I enjoy more is reading the ludicrous comments made by people who believe they are investigative reporters…David Wasman, a local drunk who’s video is a online sensation of him passed out in a road..lol and who is becoming a renowned slanderer. David “Duckie” Wasman, you continuously say I have a long record of violence against woman, that isn’t the case and it has been made clear to you that these allegations are incorrect. I was charged with assault on a female ( Non-Aggressive Physical Force) and it was DISMISSED while the woman in this matter was charged with Assault and Battery. I have never hid the fact that I was arrested for it and arrested for it and have even made post on my Facebook about it where the people who ACTUALLY witnessed the incident made clear what happened…Also, with the drug charge (which there was just one of) was dismissed after the charge was modified to simple possession based on lack of evidence. I have never hid the fact that as a teen, I smoked marijuana but I payed my fines and cleared my debt. Your over exaggeration of the incident is incredibly pathetic as you were not privy to the events as they unfolded as you where not there and we were not acquainted. Please feel free to request the case status and court records of those events if your going to continue to PLAY investigative reporter.

    “America Exposed” is not an organization, nor is it a vanity site but please feel free to visit my web/graphic design company; America Exposed online at http://www.americaexposed.org

    P.S. There is no primary (because it’s NONPARTISAN) for our election and currently Homer Hartage hasn’t filed to run in this election.


  5. Putzy, You have 3 records, online, of assault – and 1 that was not charged, but was reported (and is on record) in Orlando. That, sir, is not coincidence or you being the victim of circumstance – That is a history.

    There you go being a lying bully again. The purported video is nothing for me to be ashamed about. The police record for that mugging is on file with OPD and is freely available. Your insistance to upload that video, numerous times, and spread it around is just more proof you are a bully. You know that night was especially emotionally upsetting for me, yet you twisted it into your own dialog to attack me. Shame on you. Have you no decency?

    You are abrasive, caustic, and toxic. Your brand of politics is archaic and asinine. You’re a known, proven bully who leaves threatening messages on the doors of local businesses. You have burned every bridge that gave you a chance. You have sought not to join the DEC, but to be party with 3 others to disrupt it, disavow it, and disrespect it. You do not come to meetings with the purpose to work WITH anyone, you come looking for more pathetic ammunition to serve your sad agenda of hate.

    You should go back home to North Carolina. No one wants you here. Seriously. NO ONE.


  6. therealduckie · · Reply

    By the way, you spent half a page attacking me rather than refuting the article.

    That says VOLUMES about who you are and what you are. Very telling.


  7. I am just shocked that the former Democratic Party chair would bankroll a person in an African-American seat who uses the *N word. http://i.imgur.com/I4hAyh3.png

    Doug Head has a LOT of explaining to do. This guy lives rent-free at his house and is registered to vote there and has filed his candidacy from his house.


  8. Doug Head · · Reply

    You memory is getting short, Kartik. I recruited Buddy Dyer to run for Mayor in 2002-2003 and Linda Stewart as a County Commissioner in 2002 and Bill Segal in 2004. I am sure that there were others. I can’t claim credit for victories in some other races, but it is pretty clear that we were building….and that the primary voters got the candidates they wanted. Since I left, the County Commission has gone from majority Democrat to ONE Democrat and we did nothing to enhance that number under the leadership of our present Chair. At the time, his eye was on the State Party position. PS. It would be great of people would identify themselves on your blog, rather than slinging half-truth trash while they have no facts.


  9. HAHAHA! Doug you are so funny. You were good at running the DEC if by “running” you mean running members out on a rail. TWO candidates switched parties under your leadership. I’m sure because they could no longer stand to be pilloried at every single DEC meeting and treated like garbage. Maybe that’s why one of your people voted for guns and the other uses the N-word on social media. http://i.imgur.com/I4hAyh3.png


  10. Do you believe everything you read online? Get the finalized copies of the court documents to base your assessment of my character on. If you did, you would see the commendation from the arresting officer who made the arrest but since it was a domestic issue, it’s NC state law to arrest both parties. You keep ignoring the facts that the actual witnesses can be seen telling the story on my wall and you, a person unfamiliar with the events as they actually took place are spreading exaggerations. Please also note that ONE incident has two mugshots. Anyway, you live/lived with Paul who was arrested for armed robbery, which is much worse than an assault case that was dropped. Now for this incident you mention here in Orlando, your friend Hunter Lyon was arrested for assaulting ME after he attacked me in my bedroom. This is another event that you did not witness but please continue with these tall tales if it makes you feel better. If no one wanted me here, could you please tell me who these people are making donations to our campaign?

    The saddest part of it all is this “threatening of woman by leaving notes on their doors”, you claimed you had a video of me doing it but you never showed anyone and not only did you lie about that you continue to ignore the fact that on that day in question I was in Tallahassee Fl with Madelyn while she was doing her district secretary training.

    Any more lies??


  11. Pazy – Welcome to what people in Orlando call “being WONO’d”. How does it feel to not be asked for a quote? Or for your side of the story? That is the editorial policy of the West Orlando News so welcome to “being WONO’d.” Maybe, like their editor, you’ll get a robust 3% of the vote in your race too! You can be admitted to the Mike Cantone/Lawanna Gelzer “Failed Candidate Hall of Fame”!


  12. therealduckie · · Reply

    Again you attack others rather than refute the facts. That’s who you are. A defensive bully. Pathetic.

    Also, don’t worry – that video of you posting “Beware of Bitches” signs will show up during the election at just the right moment. Mark my word.


    Thanks to ‘WHUT’ for that image. His racism was something I almost forgot about. Doug, any response to that image?


  13. Also the term I used was not the “N-Word” it was a variation and it was acceptible at the time by my friends, community ( which was the hood and equivalent to pine hills ) and my girlfriend at the time Tedra who just so happens to be African American. I am appologetic today that I used the term but I am not shamed by it and I do not regret using such term as it had NO negitive connotation and it wasn’t directed at anyone other than myself. I have NEVER used that word in a negative, hateful or otherwise hurtful manner. Please also note that I helped to create the local chapter of The National Action Network here in Central Florida, where I still am the only white member and the chairman of the criminal justice branch. I work with many local community leaders of African decent, none of whom would condem me for this single use of a word that had no negative context. I have zero interest in keeping up wit n continuing to defend myself but if you are interested in hearing the truth and not some exageration from a third party who did not witness any of the events in which he’s named, feel free to message me and god bless.


  14. Duckie, I’ll pray for you, you are a lost soul. It would have been physically impossible for me to have posted these signs you continue to mention, while being over 400 miles away with Madelyn at the La Quinta Inn..


  15. therealduckie · · Reply

    Ok, let’s dissect the hilarity of your lies and adjusted history above;

    1. You equated Pine Hills as ‘the hood’. Would you care to tell that to the many respectable members of that community who have not only improved it over the years, but have called it as home for generations?

    2. You rationalized, badly, your allowance to use such offensive words.

    3. Tedra is a human being and using her heritage as your excuse is sad and telling.

    4. NAN will soon be sending you a letter to ask you to step down, in light of this page’s content.

    5. The word is ‘Descent’, not ‘decent’.

    6. Your use of “God Bless” is disingenuous as you are a proclaimed atheist. Now you are using religion to get that community to vote for you. Pathetic fabrication, once again.

    7. Poor Madelyn. Leave her out of any future excuses. She will not be here to defend you.

    Seriously, your litany of excuses is astounding.

    Doug, Still no answer to ‘WHUT’ about how you can support him knowing, with documented proof, he uses that word and thinks he can win in a tight-knit, respectable african-american community? You berated our Chair for the DEC’s diversity, though our board is proven as the most diverse in our history…and pushed for myself and other white committeemen to run in that historically African-American community rather than find qualified members of the black caucus to run. I am even curious what percentage of County Watch are minorities. I think these are fair questions to have answered.


    1. Sad.... · · Reply

      Hmm, Duckie seems to be a know it all on all subjects of this guy’s life. He has shown little to nothing about Joshua during his time here. I find it interesting that he, Duckie ignores valid evidence that could either prove or disprove Joshua stories if he, Duckie just requested the court files as Joshua suggested. Wouldn’t that be easier then arguing? Duckie you provoked the man so he has the right to defend himself but all you’ve done is turn it on him without the “decency” to acknowledge his valid points. I looked at your Facebook and you look as if you’re in your late 30s or 40s he is a child and here the conversation is in reverse, he talks with a certain amount of dignity while sitting on your high horse. It’s funny you say he shouldn’t say god bless bc he is an atheist but he doesn’t openly express that opinion, instead you attacked his decency. Many atheist and non believers say god bless.. Calm down, are you god… No.. Well only God can judge him but he apologized for what he said, what more could you possibly want?


      1. therealduckie · ·

        You’re right, here are the links:

        His arrest record (which does not say his charges were dropped) directly from the arresting agency:

        Here is the arresting officer’s Watch Log from the night he arrested him for beating up his 17 year old girlfriend’s father:

        He claims to own property, but the Property Appraiser’s website for his hometown shows ZERO history of him EVER owning anything:
        http://i.imgur.com/zLx3GfL.png (Search here: http://meckcama.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/relookup/)

        Here is his private Twitter, where he says “F*ck bitches, get money”:

        Here is his MySpace that he has yet to remove from the internet:

        All you have to do is google his real name and dozens of results come up for his arrests and all the negatives, not his pretend “leadership”.


  16. 1.) Duckie, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Arrest records and court records are two different things, I’m glad you know how to use google. Now use a telephone and request the court documents that debunk your exaggerations, all the cases were dismissed except for one misdemeanor which leads us to number two.
    2.)Here at least your somewhat correct but not entirely. To start, he was not the arresting officer, he was the officer who came after we got into a scuffle. Second, she was at no point ever my girlfriend. Third, She came to waffle house and applied for a job and on her application she put that she was 18, I took her to dinner and had her fill out an application at another restaurant because we weren’t hiring. I drove her home and soon after her dad showed up at my job, we had him escorted off the property. After my shift I went to his home and apologized and he thought “more” happened than did and he threw the punch and we got in a fight. He called the cops, I stayed and waited. They took the report (and here is where you’re wrong) and made no arrest, the next day I was served with an arrest warrant because he went to the magistrate and when it went to court I didn’t bother fighting it because, I was guilty. I apologized then and I’m apologizing now.

    Your problem is that you use the internet to dig up dirt but once you find it , you don’t analyze what you found. You draw your own conclusions, which are incorrect and absurd because you want to be convinced that I’m up to no good but let’s say hypothetically you were right, (which you aren’t)what have I done wrong since moving to Orlando? I’ve quit smoking, drinking and hanging out with negative influences and liars, like yourself, I’ve started a business and I’m trying to do whats best by the people who had a bad start like I did and I’m trying to help those who like me need a second chance. Your friend, Paul was arrested ans d sentenced to PRISON for ARMED ROBBERY and he works at the progressive center and I don’t see you raging about him, and armed robbery is way worse than one misdemeanor. I’ve changed my ways, Ive apologized for my actions, I’ve admitted to them and always have and I have been doing good things since, I’m sorry you can’t see that but guess what..I’m not trying to earn your approval. If so many people hate me and dislike me, then why y do you feel it so necessary to exaggerate and make shit up? If I’m so bad ow? I’m sorry you’re sore that you were not the household favorite and it led to you moving out but don’t you have a life? Your almost 50 and what do you have to show for it?

    3.) What no photos, forms or anything else to verify that I’ve made claims of owning property? Now you’re just being ridiculous, it’s sad I have to tell a grown man to grow up.
    4.) Hmm..Where did it say “F*ck bitches, get money”? You even put it in quotes, like it was actually said, so why should we the people or anyone else believe you now when we can all you exaggerating? I’ve mentioned time and time again that your exaggerations need to stop because now you put yourself between a wall as far as the limited credibility you had going in to this, as now it’s being thrashed upon. Did you even look at the date, January 2010 really…..
    5.) FYI, my myspace was deleted and well over 6 months ago.

    I have nothing more to say to ANY of your ridiculous accusations and exaggerations, as the people can see for themselves, I’ve been honest about my criminal history, I’ve appologized and I’ve already payed my debt to society and I actually have nothing to hide. Thank you Duckie for this conversation, it’s been fun but I have more pressing matters to to attend to and I don’t have time for your childish lies and as far as I’m concerned anything past this point is just you trying to have the last word and I’m fine with that as well.


    1. Sad.... · · Reply

      Wait for it Joshua, he will keep trying to push his agenda. People like him always do.


  17. Doug Head · · Reply

    I have no idea who Jasmyn is, but the assertion that two candidates switched Parties from some sort of abuse they got at Democratic meetings during my twelve years as Chair. Bizarre. So please explain, whoever you are. My consistent view has been that more candidates in races means better public options. Another view I have is that all incumbents are not saints. I am a consistent supporter of progressive candidates and issues of inclusion. Last night, when an important Hispanic Group reviewed its work in litigating against Orange County, there were NO members of the current DEC Board present except David Rucker. Two Democratic Candidates were there and were introduced. I believe that the DEC can do more to reach out and Duckie is the Chair of “Outreach” Committee. With his skills at research, he ought to be able to find events that involve other communities and get to them rather than spending time smearing candidates.


  18. Truthseeker · · Reply

    Doug, the DEC (under your “leadership”) lost money and people. I was there to see it. Also, you hold up Buddy Dyer, a turncoat who has been working towards the gentrification of Paramore, as if he’s somehow a good thing. Also, where is Bill Segal, now? Where was your DEC when the County Commission changed the elections to non-partisan?

    Why are you ignoring the questions above about how you support, financially and politically, a divisive, racist, women-hating pig as a candidate? You have proof he used the N word. Why are you ignoring it? There is no explaining that away. Stop making excuses for this punk.

    Ducky has every right to state his opinion about a DINO. Pazy wants nothing to do with the DEC, unless that is joining your pathetic cabal of whiners like Cantone, Gelzer, and Trini. None of you whiny babies want the DEC to improve.


    1. Sad.... · · Reply

      No one has given any evidence of woman hating or racism, words are not racist but the context in which they are used can be. If he’s a woman hater then talk to the woman he’s been with, and if he’s racist then talk to the minority groups he’s involved with. A bunch of Anglos calling a person a racist and a man calling him a sexist is ridiculous.


      1. Sad.... · ·

        I see a lot of name calling which makes me believe that these people themselves are not progressives, to progress is to move forward but here you are dwelling in the past. If we wanted to talk about the pas,, we could talk about Scott Randolphs disrespect toward the black community, until this year he neglected it even when he was elected to represent it. We could talk about how Joe Saunders supported someone who formerly was anti-lgbt but we’re not because it isn’t relevant and neither are those absurd remarks about race and sexism. Who are you to judge what’s in his heart without knowing what’s inside of it, he presented his past honestly and openly which should be respected. If you people’s judging power is greater than that of our courts then this nation is in peril but I’ve seen no evidence that contradicts his statement and since this is America, Joshua does not have to prove his innocence, you must prove his guilt. I say request the court documentation, it will once and for all prove or disprove what’s been said.


    2. Doug Head · · Reply

      Well – all these unidentified people seem to have memories that differ from the facts. I was NOT Chair in 1992, when Linda Chapin and the Sentinel led the County to non-partisan elections but Democratic Party (and Republicans) roundly opposed the idea. I split with Buddy Dyer a long time ago, in case you were not aware. So “Truthseeker”, un-mask youself and lets discuss reality rather than your notion of reality. I am neither supporting nor opposing Mr. Paladino. I like to see lots of candidates running in these open seats, as far too often they have gone to insiders with no commitment to the masses.


  19. Bill R. · · Reply

    Hmm, Doug. Didn’t you oppose Buddy in his last two elections; not on speaking terms with Segal and Stewart seems to be someone just up your alley anyway. The Orange DEC is on its 6th Chair in 7 years because you and your crowd have made it impossible for sane people to be involved. Orange County moves forward despite your constant attacks on DEC members–including board members–that make it difficult to keep good people involved. Just crawl into a cave an leave the good people of Orlando alone for a change. You know, the cave where that new, white male candidate also calls home.


    1. Doug Head · · Reply

      Bill? R? Who? I think some p[eople are posting here who don’t exist.


  20. How can anyone not like Pazy if you are truly into reform??? The system needs a serious shake up and he’s just the type of outside the box thinker we need.


    1. truthseeker · · Reply

      Come on Diane – you are smarter than that.


  21. truthseeker · · Reply

    Can someone explain this?


  22. I see it’s posted on David Wasmans facebook, maybe he can bless us with the date of it’s posting…while he is at it, maybe he can post this video he has of me, when I was 400 miles away from the location.

    Once again don’t believe what you read online.


  23. As usual, you are using a video of me following a violent attack to bully me and mislead others.

    That was a traumatic night for me and you know it, hence why you keep posting it.

    Shame on you.


  24. therealduckie · · Reply

    I was suffering from head trauma after being knocked out cold by muggers. Have you ever tried to answer questions in that condition?

    Again, though, thanks for showing your true colors. I am sure that community is going to like knowing this is how you deal with people.


  25. Jacklyn Green · · Reply

    Well, I have spent more time reading this than I would have liked. Thank goodness for Google as I was trying to learn more about this candidate so I can be educated when I vote on this race. Just reading the candidate’s own comments on this blog makes me very uncomfortable. If this is going to be the kind of discourse that he will bring to the County Commission, then I think we are all in trouble. I guess it’s easy to see why he behaves in such a way given the fact that his mentor is commenting on here in the same tone – juvenile, accusatory, and inciting negativity. I look forward to learning more about this Homer Hartage as an alternative to Mr. Paladino.


    1. Doug Head · · Reply

      Jacklyn….before you vote, you have to register. I guess you are a newcomer to the District; Homer Hartage was the Commissioner in this seat for eight years.


      1. Jacklyn Green · ·

        Mr. Head, thank you for insulting me by assuming that my registered name is the same as what I am known by to my friends and family. For that, I will now personally and vigorously campaign against your “mentored” candidate. I don’t know what kind of organization you used to run as the former chair but I can only imagine that if people were greeted with the reluctance and suspicion that you have bestowed on me, it must have been a very small group. That would explain the weakness of the party during your time (at least, if I understand it as it has been outlined by you on this blog). Congratulations, you just got anyone but Mr. Paladino a vote in this race. Perhaps this Homer Hartage should put you on his payroll.


  26. Imogene White · · Reply

    “the struggle of people like me” Did you just equate yourself, a privileged, rent-free, white kid from out-of-town with the african-american community and their struggles?

    You are not a party member, you are in cahoots with Doug, Mike, Lawanna, and Trini to do disrupt the DEC, constantly demanding attention for your illicit and illogical nonsense. You have no sense of loyalty. You certainly have no dedication or respect.

    Jacklyn is right – you and your group are nothing but rabble rousers intent on making the DEC your own little playground. Ducky is right to disown you, if he so chooses. You’ve never shown him, or anyone else, in the DEC that you want to be an active, respectable member.

    Notice all the thumbs down on all your replies? That should be a good measure of your worthlessness.

    I find it appalling, also, that Mr Head would sit here and bully others with you by checking their voting status and googling them. He can play Mr. “neutral” all he wants, but all of us know he loves drama.


    1. DemoChecks · · Reply

      Imogene White is a registered independent. Hope she will become a Democrat soon. But somebody is making up identities on this blog. So maybe Imogene is not Imogene, just like Jacklyn is not Jacklyn.


  27. Lawrence Johnson · · Reply

    what a spectacle this story has turned out to be. reading through the replies it’s hard to believe this guy wants to represent that area let alone be able to do it without losing his cool like he has here. not sure i would want someone like that in office. too unpredictable. he also seems very young and naive.


    1. Jacklyn Green · · Reply

      My point exactly, Lawrence. What a sad group of people. Let’s hope Mr. Head isn’t mentoring other candidates. If he is, I would certainly like to know.


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