Zest of the Day: Marco Rubio Defends the 2nd Amendment on TownHall.com

Right-wing news site TownHall.com was one of the original conservative entertainment complex outlets founded in the late 1990s, long before the left got its digital act together. Rarely do elected officials pen columns for the site but today is an exception with Senator Marco Rubio discussing his pro-gun views with readers.

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  1. —-My personal position on Gun Control—

    My standard response on Gun Control – keeping in mind we were a small arms
    expert and ran ranges in Kentucky before VN, and currently own several
    handguns with a concealed weapons permit.

    Did anyone even suggest TASER GUNS (with darts) in Schools ? That is a
    Problem mentality wise.
    Gee why don’t they just give TASER GUNS to every school like most POLICE now
    carry, instead of selling Guns for their Manufacturers that fund their

    The leader of the NRA looks like a Baptist Bible Fire Preaching Zealot! (38%
    of Repukes go to church versus 8% for Dems – funny) : )

    Its Funny that those Zealots at the NRA always want to use Guns in every

    Those dingbat people that say its our right to bare arms against revolution
    like our historical one – need to understand that that type of revolution
    today would last a day with the known weaponry and more so the unknown
    weaponry that the USA has!

    Oh and Good Back Ground checks will lead to the Government seizing your weapons – Right – more nut jobs!

    They need to accept the fact that assault weapons do not belong available to
    everyone unless they have a Federal permit.

    No reason to own a 30-100 round magazine either. A GOOD HUNTER only takes
    ONE shot!

    Duane – Tampa


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