Lt. Gov. Carroll Resigns: Progressives Need to Make Cronyism and Corruption a Major Issue

By Kartik Krishnaiyer

Last night I spoke to a conservative friend in Jacksonville who told me this scandal would soon engulf the state. I didn’t really believe it would be as far and wide as he claimed but he was on the mark. Lt. Gov. Carroll’s resignation is just the latest example of the continued culture of cronyism and corruption in this state. Whether it is a texting scandal in Orange County, continued Republican corruption in Tallahassee, or Democratic excess in Broward/Palm Beach counties corruption is consistently in the headlines throughout the state.

On the state level, one-party control of Tallahassee since 1998 has led to unparalleled levels of arrogance in the capital city. At the same time Democrats have their own flaws that have been routinely on display in the Democratic controlled county governments in the southeast corridor of the state.

Florida Republicans have created a class of entitled politicians who lack intellectual curiosity or any governing wisdom. They are not conservatives as much as they are political whores for power and certain big business. They have lived for years on easy street being opposed by an impotent Florida Democratic Party that lacked organization or the courage in its own convictions to take the fight to the Republicans. The Democrats have benefited from these same tendencies in liberal southeast Florida, where it seems half the elected Democrats on the county level have been at one time or another linked to scandal. Similarly the Republican parties in this part of the state are impotent and, worse yet for their supporters, cut deals with the Democrats all the time.  But things seem to be changing.

Lt Gov. Carroll’s resignation is an indication that consequences are now being suffered by those in power for excessive and potentially illegal behavior. The progressive movement throughout American history has focused on issues of graft, greed, cronyism and corruption. Florida Progressives should do the same. Regardless of party, corrupt government cannot be progressive government.


  1. “Florida Republicans have created a class of entitled politicians who lack intellectual curiosity or any governing wisdom. They are not conservatives as much as they are political whores for power and certain big business.”

    As Jon Lovitz (SNL’s Master Thespian) so famously said, “Stop beating around the bush! Say what you really mean!” 🙂


    1. Love that SNL era myself! Except fo course Dennis Miller who is now a right wing hack himself.


  2. Tampa Dem · ·

    They won’t since they are pushing Crist who is funded by SARGEANT! Between Carroll and Crist, who do you have? Oh yes how about Hoffa..his is clean right?


  3. AMEN!


  4. Tallahassee Democrats clearly want a piece of the scandal action by anointing Crist as our nominee. CharLIE is the only human being in Florida who can make Rick Scott look squeaky clean!


  5. Molder I agree. The Florida Democratic Party is going to have no idea what will hit them when it does. Federal probe picture of Carroll and Scott they just put out. Wait until they see what happens with Crist. Scott is not under investigation. They better make sure their candidate is not Crist or maybe they should. We all might have a chance of cleaning up the state.

    Crist & company both Rs & Ds will be discovered on corruption. Greer is not Crist’s only problem.


  6. Nan Rich needs to go balls to the wall!


  7. Bruce Borkosky · ·

    It must be really bad AND very true, to resign merely because the police talked to you – no charges filed. Apparently she had been laundering money. Don’t these people think know that getting into the spotlight makes them a target? The only explanation seems to be a combination of both arrogance and greed….


    1. Agreed. I think the Governor and/or his staff knew about this investigation for some time and told her if it ever got to this point she had to tender her resignation. Ruthless yes, but when you have as many negatives as Scott does he could not afford to be lenient or say as many pols have before “it’s just an investigation no criminal charges filed yet.”

      Scott’s COS is Adam Hollignsworth an experienced and savvy Jacksonville POL. I believe he probably knew about this situation and was ruthlessly effective in dealing with it once it became a potential political problem.

      Will this scandal spread and leave a black mark on the Governor? Despite the intense speculation it too early to really speculate on this matter.


  8. If the COS knew about the investigation (which he must have), then the only reason he didn’t do anything about was because he thought he could block or derail it. With their connections Carroll and the COS had to know about the money flowing into their accounts.


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