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Tampa Tribune death a long time in coming

Tuesday’s announcement that the Tampa Bay Times was buying the Tampa Tribune and ceasing publication of the later paper may have come as a shock to many who casually follow the media industry, but for those of us who work in it and keep tabs on these things it seemed almost anti-climactic. The Tribune has […]

Times, Herald malign Bill Nelson for practicing politics

A couple of big-deal Florida political writers seem to be typing through Democratic insider goggles lately. In the last few days Adam Smith of The Tampa Bay Times and Marc Caputo of The Miami Herald have both chastised Bill Nelson for possibly harboring the intention of running for governor. Wrote Caputo in Sunday’s Herald: After months of ebbing and […]

Zest of the Day: C.W. Bill Young, 82

Per the Tampa Bay Times, U.S. Rep. Bill Young has died following recent reports that he was seriously ill. Congressman Young, known as a stalwart conservative who braved lonely times decades ago as a Republican in the Florida Senate and who softened his rigid views in later years, was a fixture in Florida politics for more […]