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LEAD Task Force update

Word has leaked through various channels that the much talked about and largely maligned LEAD Task Force will issue a report in early April. On the surface this would be encouraging although as my colleague Katy Burnett likes to point out, even early April gives the Republicans a five month head start for the 2016 […]

Is “one county, one vote” really a credible idea for Florida Democrats?

Rules reform is a necessary component of making the Florida Democratic Party more viable as a functioning institution. FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant is correct when she and those around her push for changes in the rules and the breakup of the fiefdoms that have dominated the internal workings of the State Committee through the years. […]

Florida Democrats at a crossroads: the time has come for serious rules reform – some suggestions

Last week, we introduced the idea of rules reform in the Florida Democratic Party. Since that article was posted we have received plenty of feedback and the FDP had a statewide weekend of meetings in Orlando. Per our sources the large counties convened a secret meeting among themselves to discuss potential rules reforms. But our […]

Florida Democrats at a Crossroads – The need for rules reform

Florida Democratic Party leaders as well as those from county parties have to navigate through an arcane set of rules that do little but impede the processes necessary to reform the party and elect Democrats. The reality is while critics of the party are frequent, many don’t realize the impediments placed by the FDP’s own […]