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Critical Criminal Justice reforms move forward

HB 783, the progressive Criminal Justice reform legislation sponsored by Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation)  advanced through the Criminal Justice Committee Monday afternoon. The legislation is predictably supported by the state’s public defenders but opposed by prosecutors throughout the state. Rep. Edwards has worked with Republicans, some of which believed her proposal was too far reaching […]

#HB7003 and The Legislature’s Problem with Good Science

Even though most of the headlines this week came from the notorious ‘Bathroom bill’ and the fallout from the passage of blatant discrimination of the transgendered citizens of this state by the Republican members in the house, the passage of the water   #HB7003 was passed , with only 9 Democrats standing against the bill.  Even […]

Progressives need to back important Criminal Justice reforms

Two weeks ago we applauded the efforts of Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) to reform the Criminal Justice system as it deals with juveniles in a logical and humane way. HB 783  will likely be given a hearing this coming week in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee. The legislation which as we outlined in our previous […]

Criminal Justice reform for senior inmates to be considered

Florida’s costly Criminal Justice system has been the subject of many studies through the years about potential cost savings. One Democratic State Representative has a creative solution that will provide a humanitarian approach and save the state money. Earlier this week, Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) filed legislation to create a conditional release program for elderly […]

Progressive Juvenile Justice legislation filed

Rep. Katie Edwards (D- Plantation) has taken on an issue which has been a bugaboo for years for progressives across the state. Trying minors as adults is not something that should be a regular part of a prosecutors arsenal, but it has become standard operating procedure in some parts of Florida. The Criminal Justice and […]