Rethinking the Turnpike introduction

The Florida Turnpike should be more than a highway – it should be a cultural marker for Florida, a way to build a collective state identity as well as promote the state’s greatest features to tourists.

The Turnpike should be Florida’s biggest and best billboard for visitors once they visit, and easier to navigate than it is currently.

Some ideas we will discuss in this series that will periodically appear over the next six weeks.

  • Revitalizing Turnpike rest areas
  • Renaming Turnpike exits
  • Honoring famous Floridians and those responsible for the Turnpike’s existence
  • Improving ease of access on the highway
  • Potential Turnpike extensions and changes to the system in general

We will start digging into each of these topics soon!

One comment

  1. Interesting possibilities….oh that all can be accomplished without the damned construction messes! East/West extensions appear, to me, to be a great idea. Alternatives to 75, 95 & I-4, for sure!


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