Lee County didn’t follow its own evacuation protocols

TFS reader Steve Schneider found something quite interesting on Lee County’s website.

So given this reality, will Governor DeSantis scrutinize Lee County local officials? Will he suspend them the way he has local officials all over the state who have not committed a crime (like Andrew Warren for instance) ? Or will he turn a blind eye because Lee County is the most populated solidly GOP county in Florida?

We can all guess what the answer is…


  1. Agatha Tate · ·

    Of course he’ll turn a blind eye to the total failure of Lee County’s emergency management, he appointed at two (I believe) of the county commissioners and Sheriff Carmine is a rabid supporter and fellow tough guy. As a resident of Lee County for decades the county’s hurricane has been absolutely jaw dropping because ur’s been nonexistent. I wasn’t able to find one announcement from the county until 5 days AFTER the storm. They were sending helpful texts during the storm, like protect your head from flying debris but did nothing to coordinate or communicate where people might get resources or to help traffic flow when all the traffic lights were out. They did nothing. Now I just read they’re blocking people from trying to get supplied to people stuck on Pine Island and refusing to work with groups of volunteers. Thus has been a total cluster f–k like I’ve never seen and I have no doubt not one local government official will ve questioned let aline held accountable.


  2. Having lived in Florida for decades and having been intrigued by state politics for as long as I can remember, the destructive intent AND actions of our governor, Ron ‘Death-Sentence’… his self-serving antics as the “leader” of our state, his ‘twisted ‘guidance’ is so twisted and predictable.
    After all, we watched his ‘mentor’. tRUMPY-poo for years… and just look at where our once-beautiful county is!


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