Ian is a monster – near Cat 5 with potential greater impact than any storm in US history

This storm, nearly a Cat 5 at 11 am ET, is not only the worst-case scenario in terms of size and strength, but I do not believe in the history of United States such a large powerful storm has never impacted as large a population as Ian will. We’re talking possibly 20 million folks with direct impacts from the storm, and millions more with some sort of peripheral impact.

The storm has arrived at a time where Florida’s population has swelled, with infrastructure not keeping up with the pace growth, and climate mitigation efforts ever further behind.

My residence is about 80 miles due east of the outer eye wall that has brought heavy winds into Lee and Collier County. Yet we’ve had sustained winds today with some heavy gusts, though unlike yesterday little in the way of rain and tornado activity.

Discussion of Climate Change impacting sea levels and storm scope has to be had after this passes. Similarly, the property insurance market must be handled more aggressively. We will save these discussions until after the storm.

One comment

  1. This state is SO not ready for a storm of this caliber.
    Infrastructure is antiquated and insufficient.
    So many PRAYERS from State officials. wow


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