Ian could be the biggest monster we’ve ever faced

As a Floridian, that’s been through so many storms, I’ve never seen a storm with both the size and intensity of Hurricane Ian. Comparisons to Charley, Andrew, Michael, Wilma, or whatever storm are all moot at this point. This is a monster like we have never seen. The strongest storms we’ve faced were smaller in size and scale, the larger storms we’ve faced have been weaker than Ian, usually substantially so. This could be the worst hit we ever experience on the peninsula.

It continues to be frustrating that the NHC got this forecast so wrong, though they did indicate all along that a larger than usual uncertainty was involved in the forecasting – but by not putting Hurricane Warnings up for Charlotte and Lee counties until later, evacuations and preparations were rushed.

In fact, many may have been caught in evacuations yesterday as heavy outer band cells of Ian with tornado activity blanketed Collier County, as well as Broward and Palm Beach where many were evacuating to.

Ian is the potentially the most dangerous storm this state has faced since the 1935 Keys storm, and the worst ever for the peninsula. We need to get through it together.

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