TFS endorsed candidates fared well on Primary Day

This year’s Democratic Primaries throughout the state saw this publication weigh into the fray in a bigger way than we had in our history.

Both of our endorsed Congressional Candidates, Maxwell Alejandro Frost in CD-10 and Annette Taddeo in CD-27 won the party’s nomination. In Frost’s case, winning the nomination in the Orlando-based 10th District means he will be elected to Congress, but in Taddeo’s case, she now faces incumbent GOPer Maria Elvira Salazar in what will be the state’s most heavily focused on Congressional General Election.

In Tallahassee and Leon County, Commissioner Jeremy Matlow was reelected despite heavy GOP-financed spending against him. Our endorsed candidate for Tallahassee Mayor, Kristin Dozier led the first round of voting over Incumbent Mayor John Dailey, but failed to reach 50%, so the already heated race will now go to a November runoff, which you can be assured TFS will cover closely.

Josh Johnson, whom we endorsed for Leon County Commission is headed to a runoff with Incumbent Nick Maddox and as of publication it’s unclear if Will Crowley will make a runoff in his race.

Lauren Alperstein was elected a Circuit Court Judge in Broward County by a wide margin.

Tracie Davis decisively won the State Senate seat we endorsed in.

In State House races, we’re disappointed to report on the defeat of Garrett Dennis by Kim Daniels. Though a Democratic Primary, it is this site’s belief that Dennis’ defeat effectively flips the seat into GOP hands.

Brandon Peters appears to have won his primary in squeaker and Travaris McCurdy may have just barely lost his – but final results aren’t in for either race.

Michele Rayner won her House seat again, a great victory for progressives and as it turns out Angie Nixon won easily as well.

We will pile through School Board races in the next few days to discuss where our endorsed candidates won, and where we need to build progressive support against DeSantis’ backed candidates for November runoffs.

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