Florida GOP showing the nation how election fraud is done – throw the book at them

The nation’s greatest 2020 election fraud scandal was right here in Florida – the sham candidate scandal took another turn Tuesday as more indictments came down – most notably against Eric Fogelsong, a very prominent GOP operative and Mayor Ben Paris, formerly the Mayor of Longwood and now Seminole GOP Chair.

The layers to this scandal are mind-blowing and while the GOP got caught this time, they’ve played games like this going back to 2014 (more on that in the near future) and now are finally getting taken-to-task – or are they? The reality remains, that when you factor in the hanky panky that went on in 2018, what could have been a Senate with a 21-19 split from 2020-2022, had a 24-16 GOP majority .

Yet, Governor Ron DeSantis and Secretary of State-designee Cord Byrd keep talking about (or in DeSantis’ case, strongly implying) election fraud in 2020 that favored Democrats – when no documented cases existed in Florida. They’ve pushed voter suppression and an election police force when the single-biggest and most elaborate election fraud scandal in recent memory anywhere in the United States has been undertaken by Florida GOPers! But as we talk about regularly, DeSantis LOVES to project (hence his obsession with “socialism,” and “communism,” when he is in fact a statist, but that’s a conversation for later this week).

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz issued the following statement on this matter:

“Today’s indictments of Republican operatives in Seminole County for election fraud when viewed with the charges of election fraud in South Florida against former Republican lawmaker Frank Artiles, the Republican-backed vote-switching scheme in Miami-Dade, and the charges of voter fraud in the Villages, paint a dark picture. Florida Republicans, from Gov. Ron DeSantis to Senate President Wilton Simpson, love to talk about election integrity but remain silent in the face of a pattern of election fraud by members of their own party throughout Florida. DeSantis and Simspon should explain why their party seems to be behind virtually every case of election fraud in the 2020 election. I am grateful for the hard work of law enforcement agencies that have somehow been able to uncover these schemes without the assistance of DeSantis’ expensive and unnecessary election police. Voters decide elections, not politicians. Florida Republicans should be held accountable.” 

FDP Chairman Manny Diaz, May 24, 2022

This is the latest scandal that involves the Seminole County GOP, a county party that’s been plagued by corruption scandals the last 15 or so years.

My view is that the book will need to be thrown at everyone involved. Otherwise it’s certain that not only will the Florida GOP, FPL and other interested entities do this again, but it will happen in other states as well.

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