Kat Cammack joins the House Scoundrel Caucus

Despite her right-wing politics and MAGA positions, I thought Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-Gainesville), who after all worked in both Congress and political campaigns was too sophisticated to begin behaving like Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Andy Biggs or Paul Gosar. Well, I was wrong. Nothing is too low for this generation of GOPers. Keep in mind, Cammack is the youngest GOP woman in the House.

Cammack waded into the baby formula discussion this week, the latest GOP talking point in trying to blame President Biden for what is a global supply chain and inflationary problem (and one which began under President Trump’s protectionist administration). This week Cammack waded into discussions about both immigration and baby formula, linking the issues and creating a phony narrative that was seized on by Donald Trump Jr., the Murdoch media empire and Phil Anschutz’s the Washington Examiner among others.

While the baby formula shortage is real (and again, I firmly believe many of these global problems were caused by protectionism, which was practiced by President Trump among other world leaders) it’s also very true that young children under one in government custody on the border have parents also in custody and no other way to get baby formula.

So, in fact what Rep. Cammack has done is create yet another flash point for the GOP to demagogue immigration and subtly race-bait. For that, she should join the House Scoundrel Caucus.

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