What we are reading: WSJ on Broward County GOP connection to Russian hacking (UPDATED)

The Wall Street Journal is behind a paywall these days but do what you have to do to read this piece. It discusses the alleged connection between a Russian hacker  and Broward County-based GOP consultant Aaron Nevins which then led to Fort Lauderdale-based Roger Stone. It is worth noting Nevins has publicly stated he DID NOT plan to vote for Donald Trump in the General Election. But this story might involve benefits to GOP Congressional and Florida candidates potentially given Nevins’ role in the link to Stone.

Quote from the story:

“If your interests align, never shut any door in politics,” Nevins told WSJ. The GOP operative (who has been friendly with many a local Democrat) threatened to pull this stunt last year.

Nevins has also worked for Democrats in non-partisan races in both Broward and Palm Beach counties.


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