What we are reading: Florida’s building boom threatens wildlife-rich lagoon

A deadly serious Associated Press article on the threat to the Indian River Lagoon via Florida Politics.  This is a MUST read for any Floridian particularly those on the Space and Treasure Coasts.

The lagoon contains five state parks, four national wildlife refugees and the Canaveral National Seashore. It is an irreplaceable natural treasure our state owns and must protect.

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  1. Decades of taxpayer funded sham clean ups costing billions of dollars. Fat cat donors funding environmental and political front groups and both party machines. Real problem is dark money and open government violations.

    We need open primaries and public campaign finance. We need enforcement of clean water laws. Fishing and real estate values plummet. Our drinking water is the second worst in the nation.

    The result is ecocide. It’s a corrupt racket and only one thing would cause this: personal greed by insiders evading transparency.

    Enforce the clean water laws and prosecute corrupt racketeers violating the basic civil rights and interests of the People of Florida and its Treasure Coast.

    This Florida problem is symptomatic of the national plague of corrupt racketeering.

    Look at Indian River State College (IRSC) naming a campus after the worst Florida environmental legislator of the 90s, its last Senate President who is still facing ethics concerns.

    This last Florida Senate President was the mentor of the current Florida Senate President who is from my hometown of Stuart. He presided over district drawing in 2010 that violated the Florida Constitutional Amendment I helped pass.

    The Florida Supreme Court found recently Florida’s districts were gerrymandered at a cost to taxpayers of more than $11 million. That should be prosecuted and all involved should be impeached.

    Corrupt racketeering is the scourge of Florida and America.

    Let’s see your taxes Trump and Rick Scott. Remember when Florida Attorney General Bondi dropped Trump’s fraud charges after receiving a check. Rick Scott helped Trump become president and Trump is facing corrupt racketeering charges in New York where his foundation is banned from conducting business due to fraud.

    Sign and share the People of Florida’s July 4, 2016 petition.

    Trump has cost Palm Beach millions. Florida has one of the lowest minimum wages, no right of state employees to utter “climate change”, union busting, failed privatized education with masses of the nation’s worst treated teachers and professors, and violations of basic constitutional rights.

    With all this, the People should have been expected to rebel and organize the Resistance against this corrupt machine.”



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