What we are reading: Trump’s new Gulf of Mexico oil and gas drilling proposal looks a lot like Obama’s

By Sara Francis, U.S. Coast Guard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s drilling proposal in the Gulf of Mexico is bad news for Florida. The Washington Post sees similarities between it and President Obama’s policies. 

Floridians shouldn’t care whether it is Obama or Trump making the proposal. Heck, Jeb Bush even opposed his brother’s Gulf drilling proposal in 2001 because he knew it wasn’t beneficial for Florida. The claims of drilling off other coasts other than Florida is immaterial. When a major oil spill occurs Florida’s beaches are impacted and as an economy dependent on tourism we cannot afford this to happen. Much like our opposition to the expansion of gambling in this state. Florida doesn’t need to look like Louisiana or Mississippi. We have plenty going for us that we don’t need additional drilling or gambling.

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