Progressive Caucus endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Tampa, FL – Susan Smith, President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, released the following statement on the DNC chair’s election:

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF) is proud to endorse Representative Keith Ellison for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Our country is in a revolutionary moment. The need for a strong, functional progressive party has never been greater.

Ellison has the unique ability to move our party away from dependence on corporate donations and DC consultants, with a laser focus on building the grassroots, neighborhood by neighborhood, municipality by municipality, county by county, and state by state.

As a member of Congress and a leader of the progressive movement, Keith has been a clear and passionate voice for all people. He will inspire and motivate Democrats to seize this moment in history.

The DPCF strongly urges Florida’s DNC members to cast their votes for Representative Keith Ellison.


The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida is an official charter of the Florida Democratic Party. 


  1. Contact your new DNC members. Keith Ellison is the person to lead the DNC into the future.


  2. Yeah, he is probably the best choice, but I’m not forgiving him for backing Bittel for FL Chair.


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