Who’s FAT?

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  1. What a baffling approach to a campaign. “FAT?” Seriously? If you’re going to make an acronym, shouldn’t it make some kind of … sense? And just plain ole’ “Floridians Against Trump, eh? Just feels slapped together. Almost anything would make more sense.

    And there’s so much to actually say about Trump. I go back forth between laughing at the man and being chilled to the bone that you can be this popular in America being proudly vile and ignorant in equal measure. Just reading about the Machado thing today made me ill. She was just a kid. And Trump makes a point of hanging around / sponsoring these pageant things so he can do what? Ogle little girls and them publicly humiliate them?

    Trump’s a clown and everything, but he’s also a truly disgusting monster of a human being. I see in him the same attitude Carly Fiorina and Mitt Romney had — rich people used to saying stupid, cruel things — even obviously untrue things — behind closed doors, where everyone just nods *because they own the company.* After a while they start to believe they’re not only geniuses, but not really accountable to objective reality at some point.


    We can’t screw around with half-baked slogans here. This guy is a dangerous creep who’s apparently got almost half of America convinced they’ve got nothing to lose from letting him rewrite the tax code to enrich his children or start a war because someone insulted the size of his fingers or whatever. His whole resume consists of turning his father’s large fortune into a medium-sized fortune, and going bankrupt whenever things aren’t going well.

    I don’t know if this will fit on a T-shirt, and it probably doesn’t spell any cute meaningless phrase, but how about:

    “Floridians who don’t want the whole country run like a half-baked casino headed for bankruptcy by some woman-shaming, xenophobic loon making things up as he goes along?”

    I’d wear that T-shirt.

    Five stars


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