Several airlines apply for Florida-Cuba flights

With the thawing in relations between the United States and Cuba, several US-based carriers have applied to fly routes within the new 110 daily frequencies that will be allowed between the US mainland and the island of Cuba. Here is the full list of applications received by the American government from US airlines involving Florida cities.



Miami – Havana
Miami – Santa Clara
Miami – Varadero
Miami –  Holguin
Miami – Camaguey


Miami – Havana
Orlando – Havana


Miami – Havana
Miami – Santiago de Cuba
Miami – Camaguey


Ft Lauderdale – Havana
Orlando – Havana
Tampa – Havana
Ft Lauderdale – Camaguey
Fort Lauderdale –  Holguin
Fort Lauderdale –  Santa Clara


Ft Lauderdale – Havana
West Palm Beach – Havana
Fort Myers  – Havana
Key West – Havana
Jacksonville – Havana
Ft Lauderdale – Camaguey
Ft Lauderdale –  Holguin
Ft Lauderdale –  Santa Clara
Ft Lauderdale – Varadero
Ft Lauderdale – Cayo Coco
Ft Lauderdale  – Manzanillo
Ft Lauderdale – Cienfuegos
Ft Lauderdale – Cayo Largo
Ft Lauderdale –  Santiago de Cuba

Ft Lauderdale – Havana
Ft Lauderdale – Santa Clara
Ft Lauderdale – Varadero
Tampa – Havana
Orlando – Havana

Ft Lauderdale – Havana

Sun Country
Ft Myers – Havana

Some of these route applications are perhaps overly optimistic by the airlines or the attempts to get in on a restricted market while the chance is there. That is because in the near-term it seems highly unlikely that traffic between the US and Cuba would justify all of these flights. Routes from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to Havana will make money and ones from Orlando and Tampa to Havana might break even. But the plethora of applications for flights from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to secondary Cuban cities and flights from other Florida airports to Havana are unlikely to break even at this point in time despite cheap fuel.


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