Jacksonville Armada FC first season in the books

KartikReport_JAX (2)My piece for World Soccer Talk on the Jacksonville Armada’s first season was published today. The Armada did an outstanding job of marketing the club and forging community partnerships, but the playing side of the team was a disaster. The naive approach the club took toward building a competitive squad in NASL rightly led to the sackings of both co-coaches and General Manager Dario Sala. The hope for fans on the first coast, especially those die-hards in Section 904 is that the club hires the right soccer-oriented staff for next season.

Jacksonville’s first year success in terms of marketing, sponsorships and creating a local buzz are among the best we’ve ever seen in MLS. However, the team must be more competitive on-the-field in future seasons to maintain the levels of support seen this season.


  1. […] look down on American soccer and feel they can make an impact without knowing the terrain – Jacksonville learned this the hard way this season, as have any number of teams in the past (I would argue Orlando City arrogantly thought bringing […]


  2. Armada couldn’t have come close to their goal from an attendance standpoint. The actual attendance had to be close to 30% below announced attendance. Pull out the 4.4 opener played at EverBank and look at the 14 regular season games played at the Baseball Grounds, probably averaged 5,000 or less per game in actual attendance (7,300+ announced) even after doing BOGO deals and other deep discount ticket deals for some games. Look at video from 11.1 game when they announced 9,000+ in attendance; probably 6,000 or less actually there.


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