Update on Democrats for Kimberly Mitchell story

Earlier this week Saint Petersblog reported and we analyzed the effort of some Democrats to support what we at the Florida Squeeze see as the dangerous candidacy of well-connected Republican Kimberly Mitchell to be Mayor of West Palm Beach. The Republican who is tied in closely to the party’s leadership both locally and in Tallahassee is seeking to become the Mayor of a Democratic city which is the anchor on one of the state’s larger media markets. It goes without saying this is a major threat to progressives in the area and potentially around the state.

Since the original stories ran several developments have occurred.

Senator Jeff Clemens has given us a statement regarding his alleged involvement with Mitchell:

“I am in no way working on the Kimberly Mitchell campaign. I have not talked to Kimberly Mitchell in three years. I am not involved in the West Palm Beach Mayor’s race. Any reports to the contrary are untrue.” 

Meanwhile, the City of West Palm Beach has also posted the campaign reports for January and the first week of February. In January, Landslide Strategies LLC received a payment, while last week both Beth Kennedy and Eric Conrad were paid individually and Landslide was NOT given a fee.




  1. Oh but Clemens has nothing to do with it. Really buddy? There is a paper trail and your name is on the company and look who is a client? Kimberly Mitchell


  2. Blue Dog Dem · ·


    Do not get spun by Clemens. He’s known to be loose with the truth.

    What occurred is now obvious. Landslide tool a check. Clemens per the state paperwork is one if two officers in the LLC. Then you started sniffing around asking question and suddenly he started spinning, told Conrad and Kennedy to bill the client individually because he couldn’t be tied to it.

    The paper trail always tells the truth. All three are guilty.


  3. I certainly hope people don’t buy Clemens explanation given that an LLC he’s a partner in tool a check from Mitchell just days after the corporation was opened.


  4. Tampa Bay Demo · ·

    Well those documents make it clear.


  5. Clemens is busted. Landslide got $$$ from Mitchell.

    As for Conrad what a fool. He has no idea. Thinks he’s some sort of player when he’s really showing his true colors now.


  6. Clemens is so clearly guilty and don’t forget the Bogdanoff thing either. Publicly he was supporting Sachs but privately it is well known that he was maneuvering to help the Republicans.

    I am not sure why Kartik is allowing himself to be spun by a simple quote which is clearly refuted by the evidence provided below the quote.

    Where is the Ashley Walker link??? She’s more important than Clemens or Conrad. If she is in fact involved the state party needs to consider removing her from all the committees she’s involved in.


  7. Let’s be honest. This is a smoking gun.

    If we want to take this contribution to landslide in isolation from the Kimberly Mitchell we could say perhaps Sen. Clemens was simply not involved. But regardless of what this website wants to believe in not publishing significant credible information it was given during the fall about Sen. Clemens involvement with Republicans it is well-known on the street that he played ball particularly in the state Senate race that was so critical. He may claim he raise money for Maria Sachs but he also was working the other side of the street.

    This comes a few months later. Were Clemens not involved at all Beth Kennedy would’ve gotten paid directly in January as well.

    I don’t think it was wise of Sen. Clemens to give you that statement. If I were advising him I would’ve told him to shut up.

    If he wants to be democratic leader in the Senate he better learn not to react so flippantly to things in a desperate attempt to clear his name he tied himself further.


  8. Truth Teller · ·

    Clemens is nailed to the wall!

    Now go get Ashley Walker!


  9. Hank Porter · ·

    If it is so well known that Clemens backed Bogdanoff, can anyone name a concrete example of something he did to undermine Sachs? Did he ever appear as a surrogate in person or print for Bogdanoff? Did he make fundraising solicitations on behalf of Bogdanoff? Did he provide intel to Bogdanoff’s team? If so, it’s not evident that it was particularly valuable or useful because Bogdanoff ran an unimaginative (and unsuccessful) campaign.

    All these Clemens/Bogdanoff allegations (relating to) are vague and unsupported. Until someone can even make a specific allegation (much less one supported by evidence) its hard to take any of it seriously.


  10. Clemens was working with Latvala on McKinlay and at the very least did as little as possible to help Sachs. Honestly enough people heard he was supporting Bogdanoff to believe he was at the very least playing both sides, knowing he’d directly benefit from a Bogdanoff victory and increased clout with Latvala.

    McKinlay brought Clemens together with several Republican senators.


  11. So, why do we even bother? And the party wonders why our voters don’t bother anymore.


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