National Squeeze: Did President Obama Just Take The Fall For Bush’s War Crimes with “We Tortured Some Folks” Comment?

In case you missed it, President Obama gave a statement centered mostly on the economy. The subsequent press conference that followed, centered on the other major issues of day including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalation given the alleged kidnapping of an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) solider by Hamas and the apparent gradually increasing US-Russia tensions. Just as twitter was about to explode over the lack of journalistic inquiry into the recent reports of illegal domestic spying actions of the CIA, and when President Obama seemed to be wrapping this session, a member of the White House Press Corps shouted a question the aforementioned reports. The President’s response which included a soliloquy over the agency role in torture in the post 9/11 era, was simply remarkable.

In the wake of a forthcoming Senate inquiry into the interrogation techniques of the CIA, He acknowledged the US tortured people.  The full video of the Presidential briefing is below. The CIA portion begins around the 38:35 mark.


  1. “We tortured folks.” WTF? Yes, we did, but (hopefully) not on your watch, President Obama. This was Bush’s policy. Can’t you for once put the blame where it lies?


    1. Obama extrajudicially killed American citizens with drone strikes- just as big (if not bigger) a crime than torture…

      Just sayin.


  2. I was greatly offended by this statement; as if to minimize the grave crime that our torture and murder of many represents! It begs the question as to WHY Bush and Cheney and about 16 other Bush administration criminals were never prosecuted for these heinous crimes! Is this where we are now as a nation? “oh, and by the way, yes we waterboarded a few folks, and some of them died as a result. Oh, well” Millions of Americans fought this genocide (in Iraq, Afghanistan) tooth and nail since 2003; we said, “not in our name”, and we are still saying that to this day. If serving as President means becoming a part of this dirty, dirty crime, then we are lost as a nation!


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