Urge Your Representatives: Pass Parasailing Reform Before Sine Die

Rep. Gwyn Clarke-Reed’s HB 347 is the House companion bill to Sen. Maria Sachs’ SB 320, a package of common sense reforms to the currently unregulated parasailing industry. HB 347 — supported by the parents of two young women killed in needless accidents in Pompano Beach, supporters of good government, and stakeholders in the industry itself — is currently at risk of being a victim of the vicissitudes of political timing.

Sen. Sachs’ bill has already passed the Senate 40-0 and Rep. Clarke-Reed’s would almost certainly pass by a similar margin in a short period of time were it allowed to be considered by the House. All it would take is for Speaker Weatherford and leaders in the House to make it a priority, the way it is for the families of Kathleen Miskell and Amber White, eponyms of the White-Miskell Act that the measure would create.

Currently there are no regulations requiring the owner of a vessel engaged in commercial parasailing to obtain and carry insurance nor to undergo safety inspections to protect riders who enjoy this recreational event. This state of affairs cannot be allowed to persist, especially when a solid legislative fix exists so easily at hand.

There’s simply no good reason to obstruct the passage of a bill that will save Floridian lives as well as those of tourists. Join TFS in calling for the placement of HB 347 on the House agenda before Friday evening.


  1. Lynn Miller · ·

    You should add a link for the petition here.


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