PPP Poll: Charlie Crist Lead Over Rick Scott Dwindles To Just 2 Points, 65% Approve Medical Marijuana, 62% Approve Min. Wage Hike

Yes it’s 10 months before the general election, and yes, there’s still a primary to be won on the Democratic side. But, as one Florida reporter told me recently, it ain’t the bottom line – it’s the trend. Charlie Crist’s lead over incumbent tea party Governor Rick Scott is in freefall. The last time Public Policy Polling had a poll in the field highlighting the Florida gubernatorial election was back in September and it showed Crist leading Scott by 12 points. This is a 10 point swing,  the result of Governor Scott calling in national reinforcements  in Chris Christie and Mike Pence, a barrage of TV ads attacking Crist’s tenure as Governor, and an “improving Florida economy” which we’ll be digging into a later date.

It is rather interesting to watch Rick Scott and Lenny Curry take credit for Florida’s McEconomy roaring with minimum wage and service sector jobs, while bashing President Obama’s job record which is similar.  But I digress. According to the PPP Poll, both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are upside down in their approval rating. 51% of Floridians polled their disapproval of Governor Scott’s performance whereas 34% approve of his job performance. Floridians also are not very high on Charlie Crist: 35% polled their approval of the Republican turned Democrat whereas 46% disapprove.

Both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are weak candidates as seen in their polling numbers statewide. This would seem to be a great opportunity for other candidates such as Democrats Nan Rich or Bill Nelson to make their moves.  Nan Rich’s approvals in the poll are most telling: 9% approve of the State Senator, 21% hold an unfavorable position, and a whopping 70% are Not Sure. Nan Rich’s campaign is stuck in neutral with no fundraising, no passion, and  no plan to victory.

More interesting numbers:

40% of Floridians polled their approval of Senator Bill Nelson, while 35% polled their disapproval

43% of Floridians polled their approval of Senator Marco Rubio while 45% polled disapproval.

65% of Floridians expressed their desire to vote in favor of medical marijuana.

40% of Floridians approve of the Affordable Care Act, while 49% disapprove of it.

62% of Floridians approve of raising the minimum wage to $10/hr

73% of Floridians want to ban guns in movie theaters.

Here is a link to the full polling memo from Public Policy Polling for your convenience: Public Policy Polling- Florida Survey.



  1. The Rich campaign may be in neutral……but Crist gets all the media support and the attention from the party…..and frankly who are the people that voted for Scott and will vote for him again….
    Scott is the least favorable governor…..and rightly so….Did the party think a no contest by (regardless of record) running Crist……


  2. Patti Lynn · ·

    The polls, of course, aren’t lying. DEMOCRATS are truly not happy with Crist…but, the “Money People” are telling them that CHARLIE can win. Well, if you take the heart, (NAN RICH), out of the contest, perhaps Democratic women won’t go to the polls…perhaps those who realize that “Charlie Crist” is a figment of his own imagination, will stay at home, and the Medicare fraud king, Rick Scott, will be re-elected. That’s the scenario with a Scott-Crist match up. Put NAN RICH in the equation and you have passion, purpose, and predictability!!!

    If, in fact, DEMOCRATS wanted a governor with DEMOCRATIC values, they would be supporting NAN RICH for Governor of Florida. Chain Gang Charlie is looked upon as, “He’s one of us, now, and people like him.” He’s “one of us” as long as we fit into HIS long range plans. All of those folks thinking that Crist will give them a position in his administration, are selling their souls. They say to NAN RICH supporters, “He’s got the money.” Well, hell, if you were TRULY interested in a DEMOCRATIC governor with DEMOCRATIC values, YOUR money would have been with NAN RICH for GOVERNOR!!!! If she doesn’t have the funds, it’s YOUR fault!!!

    To whom are you giving money??? That guy who has already shown us that his position on ANYTHING will land in the direction of his PERSONAL ambition??? Or a DEMOCRAT whose positions .have been documented by her legislative actions, published papers, and adherence to the principles of the Democratic Party? What are your Democratic principles,,. whatever makes YOU a powerful person…or whatever supports the 99% of Americans truly struggling to survive??? NAN RICH for Governor of Florida.


    1. WHAT SHE SAID………………………..


  3. Nan has been stuck in neutral for over a year. Scott is Weak. Crist is weaker. But, seeing Nan blame the Democratic Party rather than shake up her campaign staff and go on the offensive, shows me she’s the weakest of them all. A true democrat yes. But at this point in time, I’ve seen nothing from Nan that makes me think she can win, or even wants to win as much as I’d like to see her do just that.


  4. Justin, you have no idea what is going on with the grassroots. When you are ready I’ll give you a little taste. Keep speaking the truth and stop listening to the corporate media and the people on Charlies payroll.


  5. Grassroots supporters who are fed up with corruption, kowtowing to corporations, ignoring Florida’s Middle Class and needy, as well as records that don’t match campaign rhetoric will vote for Nan Rich with passion. Focusing on the needy and Middle Class IS not only Nan Rich’s plan for victory, it IS her record. I am looking forward to a debate between Nan Rich and Charlie Crist in which Nan can delineate her unwaivering track record on issues that are of utmost importance to Floridians while Charlie Crist has waivered on many of these same issues – just like his party affiliation(s):-)


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