Zest of the Day: George Sheldon runs for AG

My old friend and political mentor George Sheldon has announced his candidacy for Attorney General. Sheldon’s resume is one-of-a-kind making him a potential dream candidate for Florida Democrats. Story from the Tampa Bay Times. 


  1. Patti Lynn · · Reply

    AHA!!!!! A viable Democratic candidate…I now have hope. Bondi’s over-the-top antics, (an almost wedding party, the delaying of an execution, and last week’s trick), plainly show that she does not have the gravitas to hold the position she finds herself in. Let’s all get on this bandwagon.


  2. Patti Lynn · · Reply

    This looks like it might be…finally…an interesting Democratic Convention.


  3. Mark Lynn · · Reply

    I want to see Bondi defeated as much as the next guy, but I don’t see George Sheldon being the ideal candidate to do it. This guy hasnt won an election since I was ten years old (1980). He has had a long losing streak at the polls since that time. He lost a Congessional race in 1982 for a district that he drew while in the legislature. He then lost a comeback attempt for the FL House (to Mark Gibbons) two years later. He has since lost two statewide cabinet bids and droped out of a brief congressional bid in 1996.


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