Zest of the Day (with commentary): Another US House race looming, Adam Hasner’s house for sale at big loss

Former State Rep. Adam Hasner (R- Delray Beach) was one of the most partisan and petty members of the Legislature when he served. After losing to Lois Frankel in the district where he lives, Hasner is apparently thinking of moving north to challenge US Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Jupiter). Last year when the Sun Sentinel unwisely endorsed Hasner over Frankel, seemingly snowed by his editorial board interview, I outlined how Hasner’s eight-year reactionary legislative record completely contradicted the rhetoric in the Sun Sentinel endorsement.  During the race Hasner also echoed Mitt Romney’s 47% comment. 

You don’t get to be statesmanlike after lobbing bombs for eight years. That’s what Hasner did in the legislature and hopefully if he runs again voters will see through his act.

Now Hasner is thinking of running again and his house is apparently for sale. More from the Tampa Bay Times


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  1. Patti Lynn · ·

    There must be something else going on here…Allan West didn’t live in his district when he ran…nor did he move into the district when elected. Congressional races do not have residency requirements beyond the state level. Any other gossip out there that may uncover the reasons for the sale of the homestead???


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