Zest of the Day: Delray Beach fires lobbying firm

Big news from Delray Beach after the recent comments of State Senator Joe Abruzzo. His law firm, Weiss & Handler who are major power players in south Palm Beach County have been fired by the city.


  1. Poor Abruzzo.


  2. It is so sad….I love how Bizpac wrote about this. Abruzzo taking on corruption. Getting rid of the IG and asking for an audit of the city since “the bosses” didn’t have their way it not getting rid of corruption. YOU are the corruption. Looks like Abruzzo and the rockers are being served!


  3. Stephanie H · ·

    I like the bizpac article that reported Chris Smith to have Abruzzo continue the investigation because to clean up corruption is hard…what a joke another. Who do they think they are fooling?


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