Heard it Through the Groves: Charlie Crist to Speak to Tampa Bay Area Democrats April 13th?

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Rumors are abound that plans are in progress for Charlie Crist to address several Democratic leaders from the Tampa Bay area  the weekend of April 13th after the FDP State Committee meeting. Crist will make his debut speech to a Democratic audience next weekend at Lakewood Ranch. As for me I will be in Atlanta the weekend of April 13th so I won’t be able to attend the Crist shindig if it in fact happens.


  1. So his policy changed and his corruption. Straight from the kettle’s mouth. Cat got your tongue Dumbocrats? I gave a lot of money to the national party. No more! I am done with you. I have to call DWS. This is a joke!

    A scorcher memo from Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff:

    2008 Tampa
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    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    “Everyone who has followed Florida politics for any length of time knows that Charlie Crist has had his own ethic problems involving questionable fundraising and travel, but recently Florida has seen numerous examples of Crist allowing Republican corruption scandals to continue to fester under his watch.

    “Crist’s defense of embattled Speaker Ray Sansom, continued support for his hand picked Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer, and the fact that Crist bundler Harry Sargeant III remains RPOF Finance Chairman proves that while Crist continues smiling for the cameras his out-of-touch optimism and George W. Bush-like inattentiveness have allowed Republican corruption to fester, our economy to tank, and Floridians to suffer. Rather than stepping up to the plate and leading Florida during these tough times, Charlie Crist’s only reaction is to say ‘Next Question.


  2. Do you want to win or let Rick Scott continue in office? That’s the choice here you know. No other Democrat can beat Scott. Crist can!


  3. Crist is going take this party even further down the tubes.


  4. Angry liberals and activists will not win us back the Governors Mansion. Charlie Crist will. He can build a bi-partisan anti-Scott coalition to push moderate, common sense ideas back into Florida.

    We know why Pam Bondi wanted to badly push the Greer trial into all the papers. It would directly benefit Scott. Now that the trial is over you of all people the self annoited voice of the left should get with the program and get behind the one Democrat that can bring us victory in 2014.

    I hope this rumor is true and the activists are sitting down with him and planning strategy. We need to clear the primary field for him if possible.


  5. You people are on crack! Crist will be exposed and for biparitsan support…..Scott has not ties only his own. For the Democrats they better think again. All that is…is not what it seems. There will be a surprise. Dont county the AG out of the picture on anything. She is not running but she is not hiding. Wait and see. Corruption is corruption…Harry Sargeant. Really?

    Dont think any investigation is over for either side it is not.


  6. CharLIE is what we call him for good reason…

    Be careful of those who call themselves Democrats these days…


  7. Concerned Democrat · ·

    I am embarrassed by this.


  8. We NEED Charlie! He’s the only one who can win.


  9. For a cover up. Hey don’t forget the can of Greer…yes Sargeant. We will see you soon!

    South Florida Democrats and Republicans…see you soon!


  10. ” One detail could be the link that puts all the pieces together,”
    -Charlie Crist quote

    I think the detail was corruption.

    No way would I vote for this loser.


  11. SCREW THIS ASSHOLE. HE IS THE PROBLEM. Did you see LAWSON FUCK THE SCHOOLS testifying for the parent trigger bill.


  12. Fran,

    This is the same dude who is getting money from his friend Harry Sargeant. So which Democrat is lying DWS, the investigator Waxman, Crist? Crist can’t be the candidate. No way no how!


  13. Tampa, Boca, Naples….it does not matter. This is the detail.


    From TAMPA check to see if Robert Wexler or Deutch’s staff will be there or not. Maybe hiding under the table.


  14. Richard · ·

    I hope he does show up in Tampa. I will be there and would love to hear him speak.


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