State Finds Evidence of Voter Fraud by RPOF Contracted Firm

By Kartik Krishnaiyer

This morning Ryan Ray’s excellent article highlighted the frustration Floridians have with the current legislature which as he correctly mentions is as out of touch with the state’s population as the infamous pork choppers. Those who rallied yesterday are tried of the voter suppression measures made a priority by Governor Scott and his legislative allies. In fact, Governor Scott may be the worst Governor since Pork Chop leader Charley Johns ascended to the Governorship upon the death of Dan McCarty (Florida had no Lieutenant Governor prior to the 1968 Constitution, and Johns as Senate President became Governor).

Florida Republicans have been quick to highlight “voter fraud” as part of the justification for various anti-Democratic voter suppression actions. But the only real evidence we have of voter fraud in Florida comes courtesy of RPOF contracted firm Strategic Allied Consulting.

Yesterday, FDLE found evidence of voter registration fraud by the firm. While I will concede that the RPOF filed the complaint that FDLE acted on this only came AFTER the party was shamed into firing the firm when the scandal became public.

More hypocrisy, Florida Republican style.


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  2. excellent. the hypocrites further exposed.


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