Video on Reproductive Rights in Attorney General Campaign

Pam Bondi has been terrible on issues of women’s reproductive healthcare. George Sheldon very cleanly explains his views on these issues in this newly released video spot.

Disclosure: Kartik Krishnaiyer, TFS’ Editor-in-Chief is serving currently as the Deputy Campaign Manager for George Sheldon. He did not contribute to this story.


  1. K in St. Petersburg · ·

    During this election, it is Republicans who have advocated for making birth control available as an over-the-counter drug, meaning it does not require a prescription. Conversely, Democrats have argued for preserving the existing system, meaning that women need to see a doctor in order to secure a script giving them access to a prescription. In addition to the constraints imposed by having to schedule an appointment, such appointments usually require a co-pay; two conditions that regressively impact single and poor women. Under these current conditions, it appears that Democrats want to remain firmly planted between a woman and her access to reproductive health.

    This video description says, “George Sheldon very clearly explains his views on these issues in this newly released video spot.” Let’s evaluate what Mr. Sheldon actually says:

    1. Mr. Sheldon says, “I don’t know why people want to interfere with the decisions women make in consultation with their doctors … There are still those out there who don’t want to trust women.” First, this statement is an obvious contradiction to my opening point relating to birth control access. Why would a Democrat want to interfere with a woman’s access to something that has a proven safety record spanning more than 30 years? Second, as Attorney General, will Mr. Sheldon fight for women in Florida to have over-the-counter access to birth control? If not, why not? Third, Mr. Sheldon presumably supports the Affordable Care Act, which sets minimum coverage limits for all health insurance policies. This was done, in part, because Democrats don’t trust women (or men) to make responsible decisions about their own health insurance, which sometimes includes weighing the balance between high deductibles and different coverage limits. Ironic indeed!

    2. Next, Mr. Sheldon says, “It’s about getting early screenings, early mammograms for women.” That’s it … that is the totality of his views in this video. First, I am led to believe that Attorney General Pam Bondi is opposed to getting early screenings and early mammograms but such an assertion is dubious at best and unsubstantiated. Second, Mr. Sheldon is running for the office of Attorney General, not legislator, senator or governor. Perhaps Mr. Sheldon can explain to us how he intends to improve access to early screenings and mammograms while serving as the chief legal officer in the State of Florida?

    This is a terrible ad, and does nothing to explain how his role as the Attorney General will uniquely position him to liberate women from government interference in the medical delivery system or enhance access to early screenings and mammograms.


  2. Sheldon, as our next Attorney General, will most certainly be able to safeguard every Florida woman’s right to PRIVACY in her dealings with her physician. This is a Constitutional right. On the other hand, Pam Bondi has filed numerous expensive lawsuits on behalf of her ultra-conservative partisan boss, Rick Scott to violate various civil and human rights of all Floridians. She has advocated nonstop AGAINST the best interests of Floridians, violating her oath of office! No state legislature has the right to pass bogus legislation forcing any citizen to submit to an invasive medical procedure, and be required to pay for that procedure out of pocket. No Florida citizen should be subjected to legal restrictions on their freedom of movement, and yet those are just TWO of the many outrageous stunts that this clueless FL legislature, dominated by extremist Republican zealots, have tried to pull in regards to restricting citizens’ reproductive rights. Every one of Bondi’s/Scott’s tilting-at-windmills court challenges against the fedgov have been defeated; that’s millions of our state dollars WASTED on their frivolous dalliances, whereas those dollars were sorely needed for underfunded constitutional mandates such as the provision of a free, quality public education for every Florida child. They are off on a whacko ideological tangent these last two decades under the misguidance of the Republican majority, at the expense of ordinary Floridians! Enough of these disconnected ideologues–vote them out of office!


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